5 Rooh Afza Recipes to Try This Ramadan


No Ramadan is complete without Rooh Afza on the Iftar table. It is a drink that refreshes and hydrates your body after a long day of fasting. However, you will be surprised to know how many recipes you can make just by using Rooh Afza and I am not talking about beverages.

Rooh Afza Cookies

You can bake this cookie by using Roof Afza syrup with milk, thick cream, egg (yolks and whites separate), and castor sugar. Take this recipe to the next level by adding white chocolate chips on top of the cookie. These delightful crèmes cookies taste so good that you’ll want to close your eyes and savor every bite of it.

Rooh Afza Souffle

This Rooh Afza Souffle is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. To make this sweet dish all you need is Rooh Afza syrup, castor sugar, egg whites, fresh raspberries, and cornflour.

Rooh Afza and Coconut Flavoured Zarda

To make this crowd-pleasing sweet dish all you need is to boil basmati rice, sugar, Rooh Afza, pure ghee, dry coconut, clove, cinnamon, and chopped dry fruits as your topping.

Rooh Afza Popsicle

To beat this summer heat popsicles are the best remedy. And what is better than Rooh Afza ice lollies.  All you need to mix is Rooh Afza syrup with water and freeze it. Simple! These lollies are refreshing and tasty especially to please children.

Roof Afza Firni 

Impress your guest with this Rooh Afza version of Firni. To make this sweet dish you just have to mix Rooh Afza with milk, chopped cardamom, rice, almonds, and pistachio.


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