Easy Ways to be a Healthier Man Right Now!


This article centers on what you should be doing to be the healthiest man you know. People often make the mistake of thinking that health is about physical fitness and what you eat. Whereas, that is a major component of health, we’ll be talking about health in the general sense; emotional and mental well-being included. Having a healthy, well balanced life is the key to being the man you can be. It’s pivotal to being able to provide, being able to produce and being able to compete in life. Let’s get right into it.

Spend time on healthy hobbies. No, we’re not talking about video games. We’re talking about taking out time from your stressful, hectic schedule to chase healthy passions. Get involved in a sport, it doesn’t matter how old you are, find like-minded individuals and join a club or a team. Why is this important? Because chasing your passions and investing time in a hobby that you deeply enjoy is one of the healthiest things you can do. It’s about ‘me-time’. Taking out time for yourself can help you relax, destress and bring your cortisol levels down. Let’s talk about another healthy habit that has nothing to do with ‘me-time’. Spending time with your family is one of life’s greatest pleasure. Children, siblings, parents, uncles or aunts, it doesn’t really matter. Get in the habit of spending more time with the people who matter to you. It’ll pay off in both the short, and long term.

So, we’ve talked about some Crucial tips for mental health. Let’s get a bit more technical. Get to know your doctor. It’s imperative that you have an open, comfortable relationship with your physician. You should be able to talk to them about anything, sexual dysfunction, psychiatric problems, anything. Your doctor knows more about illnesses, and how to catch them early on, than you. But you know your body better. The way to make that relationship work is to let your doctor in on what’s happening inside. One thing you want to watch out for as you hit your forties and fifties is prostate enlargement, symptomized by the urge to urinate in the middle of the night and difficulty initiating urine.

We’d be remiss without tracking diet and exercise. It would be a wise decision to leave behind what dieticians call ‘white foods’, and of course we’re talking about white bread, white flour, white rice and the rest. All it’ll do is bring your up your blood sugar level and contribute to unwanted belly fat. It’s carbs without the nutrients, because most of the fiber has been ‘refined’ out of it. Adopt a paradigm of nutrient based Nutrition over calorie based nutrition. What we mean is, look for foods rich in nutrients as supposed to just chomping down whatever will fill your belly. And drop the trans-fats. These are found in most deep-friend dishes, and anything, really, that contains hydrogenated oils and they are a major cause of heart disease. Consider downing a multivitamin every night to get the nutrients you’re missing in your diet.

Gentlemen, there’s a reason that women have an average life expectancy seven years longer than us. We, men, need to start making choices about our health and get proactive about looking after our body and soul. Make the decision to be proactive, today. Find More : health and fitness Tips

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