Easy Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings


For most people, it’s the sweet snacks that are the most delicious and tempting, but unfortunately, they can be the unhealthiest too. How do we reduce the amount of times we reach out for a sugary treat in the day, especially when they are so addicting? In this article, you’ll learn some approaches to cut down on these unwholesome treats in the short run, and then habits that will help you beat sugar cravings for good.

The key to get over sugar cravings is simply to reduce the amount of sugary foods you eat. It sounds simple, but is incredibly hard to manage if you are addicted to them. Some people, however, have a great deal of will power, and so the advice for them would be to just decrease the portion of treats they eat, so that the craving is satisfied but the body doesn’t suffer – and then over time decrease this portion until their cravings have finished. For those to whom this seems impossible, do not fear – there are other ways to cut down your sugar portions when you are experiencing a craving.

One way is to mix a small amount of the treat with a complementary food that is wholesome. An example would be, if you really want to have sugary cereal, take a small amount in your bowl and mix it in with a healthier cereal, maybe a whole grain one. This way, you get the taste of the treat and you also fill yourself up so you don’t eat too much of it.

Another tactic is to keep some fruit at hand – when the craving hits, having a sweet snack with you provides a simple alternative to eating something quite bad for you.

Eating regular meals will also reduces cravings because you most likely will not feel hungry enough in between mealtimes to reach out for an unhealthy sugary snack. Exercise will have a very similar effect because it increases energy levels and decreases appetite, so your desire for sweet things will most likely also plummet.

In the long run, you may have to make some lifestyle adjustments to fully get over excessive sugar cravings. Regular eating, sleeping and exercising patterns are crucial for a balanced life, and this affects your desire for sugary foods as well. Sometimes, a lack of minerals in your diet may be the reason you keep craving sweet snacks and desserts – try including some foods that are rich in zinc, magnesium and/or chromium as these could greatly reduce your cravings.

Dehydration could also be a cause for your longing for sweet treats, as we often mistake thirst for hunger. So try increasing the number of glasses of water you drink a day by one, maintain that for a week, then add another glass to that number. Keep doing this every week until you reach eight or nine glasses, and it will surely have a positive impact on your health and most likely reduce your cravings for sugary things.

Try following these tips to reduce your cravings and improve your lifestyle, they could leave you feeling livelier and with more energy!

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