6 Teas to Ease Your Stomach Problems


Is your stomach upset? No worries. Just rummage your kitchen for some natural remedies for your stomach problems and ease your bowel. Doesn’t it sound like a much natural and convenient approach to solve your stomach problems? Reach out your kitchen shelves and get the cure for stomach pains.

Your stomach might get upset frequently, sometimes it is indigestion, at times heart-burn, gassy feeling or even acidity, try these teas to ease your stomach problems.

1. Chamomile Tea for Gastric Problems

Chamomile Tea for Gastric Problems

Chamomile tea is something that is used to fix occasional stomach ailments. For a more convenient option you can go for a chamomile teabags that are easily available in the grocery shop or any supermarket. Just grab a pack and shelve it in your kitchen. Drinking chamomile tea helps relive stomach cramps, soothes acid reflux and is a gentle treatment for gastric problems.

2. Caraway Seeds for Gassy Tummy

Caraway Seeds for Gassy Tummy

Caraway seeds, also known as ‘kala zeera‘ is good for digestion and one of the effective remedies to ease upset stomach. If you are feeling a bloated or gassy tummy, for much soothing effect sip a warm cup of caraway seed tea. Caraway seeds are known for its calming properties and is gentle on stomach. You can either make a tea of these seeds or simply chew it after food.

3. Fennel Seeds for Indigestion

Fennel Seeds for Indigestion

Much similar to caraway seeds, fennel seeds too have the characteristics to soothe your stomach. Either you are experiencing a gassy tummy or stomach cramps, chew some fennel seeds after food, it helps relieve indigestion and stomach bloating. You can also make a cup of fennel tea. Very similar to that like caraway seeds, boil a cup of water and 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds to it, strain well and gulp down. For effective results drink it on empty stomach.

4. Ginger Tea for Stomach Problems

Ginger Tea for Stomach Problems

An all time best ingredient to solve stomach problems, ginger tea is recommended for several complaints regarding gastric issues. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger tea helps with digestion and reduces stomach pains. Enjoy a cup of ginger tea, sweetened with honey (as ginger can be spicy), after main meals to avoid any stomach discomfort.

5. Soothe Your Stomach with Cinnamon Tea

Soothe Your Stomach with Cinnamon Tea

What is more soothing than a pleasant tasting hot cinnamon tea for stomach disorders. A cup of cinnamon tea helps stomach with digestion and track the stuff smoothly down the digestive tract. Mix it with other ingredients such as ginger for much effective results and get your stomach settled.

6. Peppermint for Stomach Disorders

Peppermint for Stomach Disorders

Peppermint is widely used as a flavoring agent. Many people prefer having a cup of green tea or mint tea after meals due to its refreshing and soothing properties. This is one of the most common natural remedies for stomach disorders. Since peppermint has calming effects on the stomach, it is advised to consume a cup of mint tea if you are experiencing indigestion or gastric issues. You can even chew some mint to extract its soothing effects.

Isn’t it wonderful that you find all the useful ingredients in your kitchen cabinet? If next time you find your stomach at discomfort, just poke around your kitchen and try these amazing teas for your upset stomach and stop clutching your painful tummy all day long.

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