6 Lifestyle Changes for Good Health


“Good” Health is not achieved by physical fitness alone; mental health and stability is just as pertinent for a healthy self.

Read further to discover some great and easy life hacks for a healthier and improved you.

Stay Hydrated

Do you often fall weak to your taste buds calling out for soft drinks? Give them something better- water! Staying hydrated is important for a whole lot of reasons: water’s essentialities know no bounds. Water drives indispensable metabolic reactions in the body, removes metabolic heat and regulates our body temperature. It also helps maintain focus and concentration.

Ample amount of water adds to your skin glow and is great for the revival of your hair. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water will help you get through the day better than you would’ve thought.

Say “No” to Junk

Who would’ve thought that our food choices affect not only our physical health, but also our mental well being? Junk food (think of cheese burgers, fries etc) are crammed with unhealthy fats. They increase cholesterol in our body to dangerous levels; elevated cholesterol is the leading cause of heart blocks.

Choose healthier meals for your own better self. If you feel a lack of motivation and drive, and spend most of your time being unproductive, it might be a sign for you to start eating “feel better” foods. What are these foods? These are the loner items that lay in your fridge aloof. Milk, fruits, vegetables, fish are all included in the list of foods that will elevate the good hormones in your body.


We all love the idea of fitness and often dream about our slim, skinny bodies. Dreaming isn’t enough! The advantages of being in shape and physically active extend far beyond the obvious. But, not all of us have the motivation to pursue it properly.

Did you know that exercise melts away stress? While the thought of working out may feel unappealing to many, once you actually get moving, you will definitely enjoy how it makes you feel. Regular exercise has been known to ward off disease and enhance brain function.

Reach Out to Loved Ones

Work and study tend to make life frenzied, leaving not enough time for social gathering. But who said that you need to plan out your social interaction with those close to you? Remember that with physical health, mental health is also a priority. Social interaction is directly proportional to mental well-being.

One habit of members of a healthy family is having dinner together. Talk about your day and inquire from other about theirs. Share any upcoming events, ideas and take genuine interest in others’.

As for friends, with Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and whatnot, it’s easier than ever catching up with them. However, make it a point to meet your close ones (if not many of them). Communicating through social media isn’t the same. Don’t underestimate the power of social contact. We are called social animals for a reason.

Never Miss Out on Breakfast 

If you’ve been skipping breakfast in hopes of losing weight, you’re doing it all wrong. Breakfast is one meal you should never imagine skipping since it can impact your entire day. What’s the point of skipping breakfast if by lunch time you’re going to going to end up stuffing your face in response to uncontrollable hunger? Choose different and healthy foods every day: eggs, oatmeal, and milk are some great choices to fuel you for the day.

Change Your Mind

If you’re looking for ways to make your life a happier and more content one, the first thing that you must do is correct your mind. Number one thing that you must always know is that you have full control over your life and emotions. You can do it! Next, get real: Examine your habits closely, and think “are you feeding something else than your hunger, maybe your feelings?”

Stop any self-destructive habits and pull yourself out of self-misery before you’re too deep. Oftentimes, optimistic thoughts, visualization and positive affirmations will move you closer to your goal.

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