7 Signs That Show You Should Start Investing in Your Health


The best thing about those in business is perhaps that they are willing to determine any sources of wealth for the benefit of their business. Health is wealth too, then why not invest in your wealth. As we step into later stages of our life, health seems to take a departure from us. The vigor and strength of youth starts wearing away. Our body starts falling prey to various disease and obesity. Need to know if you have reached that point yet? Here are ten signs to show you need to start investing in your health if you want to reclaim your youth.

1. Insomnia and hypersomnia

Even though you are really tired, you do not seem to fall asleep. No position is comfortable and your brain does not seem to stop talking to you. This means you are suffering from insomnia. On the contrary, sleeping too much is also not a good thing. No matter how much you sleep you do not seem to feel refreshed as much as you should. You fall asleep amidst work or while travelling. All these conditions mean you are suffering from sleep disorders. This could be a risk factor of heart disease, diabetes, increased blood pressure and obesity. Proper sleeping routine is necessary for memory and cognitive learning, sugar metabolism and digestion.

2. Your tests are not in your favor

Once you have stepped into the second half of your age, you have to make it a routine to visit your physician regularly and take any recommended tests. Any changes in blood cholesterol, thyroid hormones, glucose, adrenal stress, hemoglobin etc. all suggest that modification of diet is necessary. Schedule an appointment with your dietitian and know what you should be feeding yourself in order to keep your youth.

3. You are falling sick too often

Headaches, back pain, cold, flu and mild infection seem like a part of your daily routine. Pain in different parts of the body is taken as an everyday aspect or a sign of working hard. Usually, no one takes it as seriously, often times taking an analgesic (pain relievers) sometimes fixes the solution (temporarily). Catching cold and flu too often is a sign of weakening immune system. You should take the signals your body is giving you more seriously than that, before they become loud cries of pain and disease. This can easily be stopped by modifying your diet. Have immune boosting nutrition and supplements if required.

4. Poor weight management

You have noticed fluctuations in your weight, mostly towards the positive scale. Your diet, movement and nutrition are not balanced. These are the three entities that come together like a jigsaw puzzle, once piece gets out of shape, it ruins the whole picture. So make sure you are eating right along with some daily exercise; especially if your occupation requires you to sit for long periods of time. If you cannot make time for the gym, a brisk walk outdoors will do you wonders.

5. You are skipping meals

You have lost appetite, and food does not appeal you too much anymore. In fact, you can easily skip your dinner. Good, you might just lose some weight, for the time being. But at the same time, your metabolism is slowing down, so in the long run, skipping meals will not help you lose the fat. Losing appetite is one of the major signs of an unwell body. You have to make proper nutritional goals with variety, balance and moderation. You do not want to lose vital nutrients from your body because after a certain age, your body loses the ability to recover as fast as it did when you were in twenties. In addition, skipping meals leads you to development of diabetes, unbalanced digestion and deficiency of nutrients.

6. Your hair is thinning and getting dull

Each time you comb your hair, you end up losing a bunch in your brush, there is a bunch blocking your shower drain and your temples seem to be growing bigger. If you are losing more than six strands by yanking once, you have a genuine problem. Visit your doctor to discard any indication of lupus, thyroid and tumors. At home you should oil your hair, take hair supplements and avoid colour treatments.

7. You notice fine lines on your skin, and your face does not look fresh

You have started noticing bags under your eyes. These are all hall marks of aging skin. They might make you look older than what you are. Do not be shy to go towards using age defying skin products, such as antioxidants and retinoid.  Also make sure your diet is full of vitamin A, C and zinc, along with calcium and vitamin D rich diets. Signs of aging skin do not only show up on face but hands as well. Spots on the hands or veins popping out do not look very appealing. Start using sunscreens and creams with collagen.

If these signs are not appearing in you yet, that is great, because prevention is better than cure! Take all of your vitamins, minerals and proteins in required amounts. Start working out and have as much vegetables and fruits you can in a day.

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