14 Miraculous Benefits of Tulsi Leaves You Must Know


The English term for tulsi is basil, but it is commonly known as tulsi in Pakistan and India. It is considered from medicinal perspective. Following are a few benefits of tulsi that you need to know and feel good about if you already consume tulsi.

1. Fever and Cold

Boil tulsi leaves in water and drink the water once it cools down to treat malaria and dengue fever. In common cold and fever, boil tulsi leaves and cardamom powder in milk and water, drink it once it cools down to bring down the temperature.

2. Weight Loss

Consume basil leaves along with curd to lose weight. It increases metabolism and helps you consume more energy.

3. Stomach Problems

Tulsi can treat several stomach issues like acidity, constipation and flatulence. Consuming basil leaves makes you feel less bloated.

Kidney Stones Miraculous Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

4. Kidney Stones

It has been found and researched over that basil leaves juice and honey together can help in removing kidney stones through the urinary tract. It also works as a detoxifying agent.

5. Sore Throat

To soothe down sore throat boil basil leaves in water and drink the water while it is warm.

6. For Healing Purpose

The antiseptic properties of basil leaves help in healing wounds. The extract of basil leaves can be used as a treatment for measles and chicken pox. It also soothes down pain.

For Healing Purpose Miraculous Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

7. Respiratory Problems

Chewing basil leaves can treat flu and dry cough. It also reduces the production of mucous in asthma patients. Thus, tulsi leaves can be used as a treatment for asthma, influenza and cold.

8. Diabetes

A lot of herbs help control sugar level in blood and tulsi is one of them. However, it causes a drastic change, so it should not be taken regularly.

9. Eye Disorder

Night blindness can be treated with basil leaves. The juice contains vitamin A which helps in any sort of eye disorder. Boil tulsi leaves in water and use that water to wash your eyes. The water also has anti-fungal and anti-septic properties which help heal your eyes.

Eye Disorder Miraculous Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

10. Anti-Cancer

Tulsi has anti-carcinogenic properties. It may help treat a few types of cancers. It can also reduce the risks of developing oral cancer caused by tobacco consumption. Make sure you do not depend solely on tulsi leaves for cancer treatment.

11. Disorders of Gum

Gum disorders are common. These can be treated by brushing our teeth with dried and crushed tulsi leaves. Tulsi is often added to mouthwashes to cure toothaches. Tulsi works as a disinfectant as well kills all the bacteria and prevent dental caries.

12. Bad Breath

Tulsi leaves kill all the bacteria that cause as breath and give a refreshing breath.

13. Helps Quit Cigarettes

Chewing basil leaves and drinking its juice can help in quitting cigarettes. It is a distraction and also detoxifies your body thus removes all the nicotine from your body. The healing properties of basil leaves will help heal the damage done in your lungs because of cigarettes.

14. Migraine

Headaches are bearable, but migraines are long lasting and unbearable. Take a steam of basil leaves boiled in water. This will cure headache and temporarily treat migraine. You can also make a paste of tulsi leaves, sandalwood powder and water and put it on your forehead to soothe down the pain.


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