Smoking: Quit Now

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Smoking is a very dangerous practice, as it exposes our lungs to very harmful chemicals and toxins. It is the cause of death from lung cancer and has been a key risk factor in diseases in other systems of the body, such as the cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular system.


A variety of reasons lead people to start smoking. However the risks outweigh the benefits by miles, hence it is never advisable to start smoking:

  • Peer pressure
  • For getting a bowel movement
  • To concentrate better
  • To feel relaxed
  • To cope with stress


The signs and symptoms associated with a smoker can be listed as the following:

  • Chronic mucus-producing cough
  • Tar stained fingers, and lips
  • Poor oral healthy
  • Chest pain
  • Smell like cigarette smoke


Unfortunately, most people realize the adverse effects of smoking once they have fallen sick. This is when most people try to quit it.


It is not very easy to quit this nasty habit, as it requires a lot of willpower. Initially, when a person quits, they get withdrawal symptoms, which cause a lot of discomfort to the patient, such as, weight gain, anxiety, and irritability. Smoking can be quit by either stopping completely one day, and then never smoking again, or it can be quit by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes per day, until it becomes zero.

There are things such as transdermal nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes, and nicotine gum that can make the process of quitting a bit easier.

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