Signs That Your Vitamin D Levels Are Low

That hair fall? It could be because of Vitamin D deficiency!


One thing Pakistan is not lacking in is sunshine. Which happens to be one of the most essential components of receiving adequate Vitamin D. However, despite having abundant exposure to the sun, a 2016 study shows that a whopping 80% of the sample population suffers from Vitamin D Insufficiency or deficiency*.

Vitamin D is absolutely essential for bone health and steering clear of bone-related conditions such as osteoporosis.

Here are some signs that may be suggesting that it’s time for you to get your Vitamin D levels checked, pronto!

1. Pain in your bones, most often in the joints or back

This is perhaps the most tell-tale sign that you need more VD. Did you know yoga can help build stronger bones? Once your levels are back on track, try yoga to keep your bones strong

2. Feeling fatigued or unusually tired

Studies have shown that feeling tired or sleepy may be due to low levels of Vitamin D and more energy has been recorded once supplements were taken.

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3. Depression and/or anxiety

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Vitamin D receptors are spread across our bodies but experts say that the brain may be an area of high levels of Vitamin D receptors. Therefore, it is possible that low Vitamin D has effects on mood and linked disorders.

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4. Weakened immune system

You feel like you are falling sick too often and wonder why. It is unlikely that we will attribute this to low VD, but it could be true!

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5. Low bone-density

This is very closely related to the amount of VD you have in your system. It basically means softer bones therefore, more chances of bone injuries such as fractures.

6. Muscular pain

You may be waking up with stiffness around your joints. There are many causes of muscular pain. However, a study showed that children complaining of growing pains benefited from administered doses of Vitamin D.

7. Hair loss

Everyone experiences some level of hair-fall. However, if the hair loss is severe then there may be a link to your VD levels. Alopecia areata, which is severe hair fall (sometimes in chunks), is associated with rickets- soft bones.

8. Impaired healing of wounds

Since Vitamin D is essential for the creation of new skin cells, wounds are less likely to heal as fast as they should if you suffer from deficiency.

If you suffer from these symptoms, you should get your Vitamin D levels checked, and if they are below sufficient, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate dosage.

9. Weight Gain

You’ve been trying to lose weight but it’s just not happening. Low Vitamin D could be the reason behind that stubborn belly fat.

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