Wedding: Bride’s Guide to Grooming, Fashion and Staying Healthy


Hello ladies! The most stressful event we come across in our lives is the wedding day. Are you prepared to plan for everything?  From the color of your wedding gown to the flowers placed on the tables- and everything in between.  Everything seems important when planning for the big day but the two most stressed upon, by majority, are grooming and bridal styles. The third topic of discussion is unfortunately overlooked but is crucial above all less: staying healthy.


Beautiful Bridal Skin

A professional facial is a great way to pamper yourself. Ladies, be sure to do your homework before booking your appointment. Look up reviews of the salon you’re interested in and book your appointment in person to keep an eye out for the other people leaving the salon.

To ensure your face looks picture-perfect, it is advised that the facial be done no later than two weeks before your wedding day.

If your face is sensitive and you’re skeptical of the products being used, test the products before getting your facial. Talk to a beautician on what chemicals to avoid.

Groomed to Be a Bride

All grooming-related techniques should be carried out no earlier than a week before. Body waxing, teeth whitening, eyebrow-shaping etc. bring discomfort to your skin. Discomforts include a little bleeding, swelling, and redness- these are the last things you want to be worrying about on your special day.

Staying Healthy

Make your wedding day preparations motivation to look good for the special day. Stress eating takes a huge toll on the bride’s health status.  Pressured brides can either take this opportunity to dangerously crash diet for months, or adapt to healthy habits to stay in shape.

It’s all about the Greens

Leafy green vegies are the ultimate beauty foods. They have a great amount of fiber that keep you full on less. They are also packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that make you look and feel healthy. Instead of chowing down on potato chips while waiting for your next appointment, enjoy healthy snacks like cucumbers or carrots from home. Pack them in a zip-lock bag in your purse and never leave the house without them!

Get That Gorgeous Glowing Skin Effortlessly

Yes, of course it’s possible to achieve glowing skin just on your diet! Apples, walnuts, berries, and avocados are ideal sources of essential fatty acids and nutrients. These foods are easy to get a hold of and even easier to carry around with you.

Tone Your Body

To-be brides are highly advised to enroll in or do stay-at-home fitness classes. Blow off some steam by doing yoga or Pilates. Not only will it keep you in shape, it’ll also take your mind off of wedding preparations just for a little while.

Be the Fashionista

The first step in mastering the art of fashion is acceptance. Don’t feel pressured into looking like the “perfect” bride because, frankly, that does not exist. Your Cinderella wedding dress may be a nightmare for the next bride. Do whatever you feel comfortable in!


If your neckline allows for it, glam-up your bridal style with a delicate/statement necklace. Or even opt for a statement bracelet. If you’re feeling daring, spice up your style with big rocks! Bridal attire doesn’t have to be low key and sweet.

Don’t Be Shy with a Splash of Color

If red seems too traditional for you, give green, purple, or even pink a shot! Remember: wearing one color from head to toe is not necessary. Modernize your style with a mix-and-match of colors that complement each other. For example, purple and gold, silver and blue, or red and green.

Consider All Options

There are so many fabulous dresses to choose from, so pick the one that you are 100% content with! Go traditional with a 3-piece saari or wear a stunning sequenced gharara. Or go simple with a solid colored dress. Bridal fashion is as diverse as any other fashion so no need to worry because everything a bride could wish for has been made available.

Experts say to begin prepping three to four months prior to your wedding.  Don’t overload on the grooming and beauty routines. To make your big day more enjoyable, plan ahead. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

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