Mahira Khan Is Ready To Take Over the Big Screen with Her New Film ‘Verna’


If you thought Mahira Khan was going to stay out of the limelight after the whole ‘smoking in New York’ controversy, you are wrong! The woman just doesn’t back down. She is back once again, ready to steal our hearts in her upcoming project ‘Verna’.

Verna: Holding Our Focus Captive

Verna is directed, produced and written by Shoaib Mansoor. The renowned director, known for Bol (Mahira Khan’s first film) and Khuda ke Liye, is now back with another riveting project. Mahira’s fierce acting in the official trailer instantly captivates our attention and makes us want for more. A modern upbeat rap song ‘power di game’ plays in the background of the teaser, creating a hip effect on the overall image.

Fun Fact: Mahira used the song lyrics to caption her trailer release, calling it ‘power di game hai sari!’

Mahira Plays a Powerful Character

Mahira Khan revealed the teaser trailer a few days ago and people are already over the moon about it. Even though there are no spoilers, Mahira Khan’s action-packed, powerful character grabs attention instantly.

The leading actress will be working opposite Haroon Junaid, the Coke Studio sensation. Verna is Haroon’s debut on the big screen. Not only is he acting in the film, he is singing a few tracks too. Naimal Khawar and Rasheed Naaz will also be working on the project.

Sambhal Sambhal Kay – Verna’s First Song

The first song of the film has a very light and breezy feel to it. It shows the mellow side of Mahira Khan reveling in love with Haroon Shahid, who is playing as her husband. Interestingly, the soft melodious song is in complete contradiction with the blood spattered image of the logo. This makes us wonder what other surprises the movie has in store for us.

The Film Focuses on Equality

When asked about the film, Shoaib Mansoor commented, ‘all the topics that I base my films on are close to my heart and something I believe in. Verna is no different. I believe in women equality and men accepting the fact that women are an integral part of society’.

The movie is about a happily married woman whose life changes forever due to an unfortunate series of events.

Celebrities Praise Mahira’s Look in the Film

The film poster has caught the attention of celebrities and public alike, because of its haunting nature and a hint of violence. The photography is done by Maram and Abroo, a well-known photographer based in Lahore.

Verna is scheduled to release on 17th November worldwide and is distributed by Hum Films. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

There is currently no news about any other upcoming projects of Mahira Khan but stay tuned to H TV for more details!

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