Life Lessons from Money Heist


If you are a Netflix watcher then you must have watched its most famous original series, Money Heist. Apart from its remarkable plot and acting, Money Heist characters have taught us major life lessons. Let’s learn some life lessons from our favorite characters.

The Professor

Hustle hard to strive. It’s best to always have alternative plans and several other options in case your master plan doesn’t work out.

“Just stick to the plan” – Professor



Never stop believing and losing faith in your plan because mistakes are bound to happen, they are perpetual in nature.

“When you hit the rock bottom you still have a way to go until the abyss.” – Tokyo



Death is imminent. You can’t escape it. So, enjoy life as much as you can. Even when facing death, he managed to face it with no fear and regrets.

“Life is what you have while death is the greatest opportunity of your life.” – Berlin



Be courageous in the heck of all situations and fill each moment with positivity.

“No matter how dark the night gets, the greatest sun always awaits your day.” – Nairobi



Money isn’t everything. Sure, it can buy you a lot of things, but there are many seemingly small things yet important things that money can never be a substitute for.

“You are my family. And that’s why I didn’t want you here.” – Denver



Choose the people you want yourself to be surrounded by. Always support your team.

“True terror isn’t always when the bullet hits you. It when it takes away someone you love.” – Stockholm



Personal attachments mess up things. Never mix up personal things with professionals.

“In the end, love is a good reason for everything to fall apart.” – Rio


The whole team

Nothing beats a team that is unquestionably connected to a cause.

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