Ziauddin College of Media Sciences – Lights, Camera and Action!

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Ziauddin University of Media Sciences was established to spur life into an industry that has been struggling for quite some time. Media and advertising studies have not yet hit 5th gear in Pakistan. Ziauddin college of media sciences provides various degrees related to film, media and advertising under the apprenticeship of industry pioneers. The quality of education is unparalleled, the university graduates have found work in leading film studios while some have started their own digital advertising agencies. Perhaps, this is what that makes it the best media science university in the city.

The college of media sciences houses the most advanced equipment and teaching aids aimed to transform learning experience and prepare students for the challenges of the digital world. Print media is fast dwindling into obscurity, meaning that digital is the future. So, what makes Ziauddin the best media science university? Let’s find out.

Karachi’s Top Media and Advertising University:

After the success of medical and pharmacy colleges, it became clear that Ziauddin had to expand to include a media and advertising school to cater the demand of the growing digital paradigm. The college currently offers B. S in communication and media sciences, which is a comprehensive program that prepares students to thrive in the world of media communication. The degree program has 3 specializations to choose from – Film and T.V, Advertising and Journalism.

Film and T.V has come a long way in Pakistan. The Pakistani media industry is going through a period of resurgence with quality content being produced for films and dramas. Ziauddin’s course is crafted to acclimatize students with the ongoing trends and developments in the industry.

The students are required to develop an eye for design aesthetics as well as screenplay and storytelling. Digital media advertising is fast replacing traditional print advertising; hence it is imperative that media enthusiasts understand its subtle nuances.

Apart from the graduate program, the university also offers short certificate courses for those who want to hone their primary skill. Some of the courses that are offered include Fundamentals of 3D Animation, Photography, Journalism, Digital Marketing, Creative Writing and more.

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