ZCMT – Ziauddin College of Medical Technology

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Ziauddin College of Medical Technology is Ziauddin’s premier division that promotes the learning of latest methods and techniques involved in diagnosing and treating medical conditions. Ziauddin strongly believes that technology plays a pivotal role these days. More lives are saved everyday with the help of cutting-edge technology than ever before. Acknowledging that, Ziauddin employs techniques and methods to abreast students with the latest development in the field of medical technology.

What makes Ziauddin College of Medical Technology stand out is its holistic approach of inculcating knowledge and learning ethos in students. The college accommodates the most advanced diagnostic equipment including medical imaging machines, MRI machines, PET and CT scan as well as surgical machines. It is the approach which makes Ziauddin the best medical technology college in the city.

Eligibility Criteria – Ziauddin College of Medical Technology :


The Bachelor of Studies in Medical Technology is a 4-year program that focuses on the following 7 specialties:
1. Cardiovascular Sciences

  1. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  2. Dental Hygiene and Technology
  3. Radiation Therapy
  4. Radiological Imaging
  5. Neuroscience
  6. Nuclear Medicine

All these specialties focus on enhancing the core concepts of students and imbuing them with the latest developments in the field of medical technology. The completion of this degree will enable students to diagnose the condition and administer them the adequate medical care.

The degree involves both theory and practical applications. Students are regularly rotated in different hospitals to gain on hands experience. The college promotes culturally relevant, impelling and constructive learning mechanism to inspire and challenge students, so they reach the zenith of their potential.

Medical technology is a relatively new field in Pakistan but it is already enjoying a broad scope nationally and internationally. To be eligible for this degree, a minimum of 50% marks in Pre-Medical is required from a recognized board. The university offers post graduate degree in the same discipline Admission in the medical technology discipline is further subject to the candidate’s entrance exam and interview.

The field of medical technology is opening doors to paths never before charted. It is helping mankind in ways never before conceived and Ziauddin is at the forefront of providing the highest quality education in medical technology – a crown of excellence.

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