Ziauddin College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences – Helping Others to Communicate


Ziauddin College of speech language and hearing sciences is paving the way for trained professionals to cater to the needs of those who have trouble speaking and hearing. The college offers undergraduate and post graduate degrees on as well as different speech and language therapy courses. It is Karachi’s most distinguished speech language college.

Pakistan is a diverse country in terms of population, however, over 20 million out of 200 million people suffer from mild to serious speaking and hearing problems. It is a real calamity that to cater such a huge number, only a handful of speech language/therapists are operating, that too without adequate facilities and equipment.

Seeing this as a major obstacle between the recovery of those suffering from communication frailties, Ziauddin joined forces with the Speech and Hearing Association of Pakistan (SHAP) to launch state of the art “College of Speech Language and HEARING Sciences” in the year 2007. Since then, the college has achieved notable milestones along the way.

Ziauddin College Speech Language and Hearing Sciences-  Enabling People to Communicate

More than a decade old, the college draws the attention of people from far and wide who have the passion to enable people overcome their communication setbacks. The college offers a 4-year bachelors degree in Audiology and Speech Language Therapy. The program is both knowledge based and skill oriented.

The degree enables the candidates to treat persons with hearing disorders, they develop powerful skill set to discern and treat individuals suffering all forms of communication disorders. At Ziauddin, the instructors put special emphasis on teaching students about ethics and code of conduct while treating patients. This ensures that the integrity and self esteem of patients are in no way violated.

The college is further offering post graduate degrees and diploma in Childhood Development Psychopathology (DCDP). This 1-year diploma is geared towards teachers, parents and educationists to enhance their knowledge in the domain of early childhood development. The curriculum is expertly crafted to polish the observation skills of the candidates.

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