Ziauddin College of Nursing – A Fine Nursing College in Pakistan


Ziauddin College of Nursing is one of many sub-divisions of the illustrious Ziauddin organization. The nursing college is considered by many to be the finest nursing colleges in the city. Nurturing and grooming nurses is no easy task, as nurses are considered to be the #1 most trusted profession in the world according to a Gallup poll.

The core reason behind the success of Ziauddin’s nursing program is its meticulous syllabus. Ziauddin borrows from the best institutions around the world and formulates a curriculum that does not only produce efficient, critically-thinking nurses, but also imbues in them empathy for humanity. This is achieved through regular seminars, role-play exercises, clinical integration etc.

Another reason why Ziauddin is the best university for nursing is that getting a degree from Ziauddin almost guarantees immediate employment. A survey conducted by a private university in Karachi showed that graduates from Ziauddin were immediately accepted into hospitals and medical institutions both home and abroad.

Ziauddin College of Nursing – A Paragon of Safeguarding Human Values

Ziauddin College of Nursing offers a comprehensive learning experience in which students interact with the leading names in nursing and caregiving on a regular basis. The most ubiquitous issues like burnout, quality of life in nursing homes etc. are discussed.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the university is its stress on problem-based learning. Nursing requires a lot of interaction and communication between the patient and the nurse, and hence requires a lot of patience on part of the nurse. American Psychological Association asserts that learning in this domain is unique to individual’s needs and does not conform to the one size fits all criteria.

Apart from undergrad and post grad programs, Ziauddin College of nursing is also offering diplomas in general nursery and nurse midwifery. The aim of the latter is to reduce high maternal mortality rates in the country. Nursing is universally considered to be a noble profession. The programs at Ziauddin ensures that capable nurses are produced every year to serve the cause of humanity.

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