Can Acupuncture Help With Weight Loss? Here’s The Truth!

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Different people have different beliefs when it comes to acupuncture and its effectiveness. From pains and aches to injuries, flu, arthritis, and even weight loss, traditional Chinese medicine can cure pretty much everything. Acupuncture supporters believe that if you truly believe in it, there is nothing better than acupuncture for permanent weight loss

Weight Loss and Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Weight Loss: Does It Work? - HTV

Problem with weight loss is that it isn’t simply about shedding the pounds, it is a lifestyle that requires discipline. It does not just require you to control your diet or work out every day, it asks you to control your emotions and thoughts as well. And this means that it impacts your whole psychology. People who are trying to lose weight become easily stressed and sometimes even suffer from depressed.

This is where acupuncture comes into the picture. Unlike other treatment options, like weight loss pills or diet plans, acupuncture focuses not just on reducing calories, it also helps you achieve a sense of holistic wellbeing. This way you will not only just lose weight, but also be feel good about the entire process.

The question is, how does acupuncture actually work for weight loss? According to some research, human bodies have certain energies in them. And when a disease or fat deposits block these energies, then the body starts suffering with pain or sickness. This negative energy can be released with the help of the needles used in acupuncture.

Therefore, if you get acupuncture treatment you will help your body get rid of the negative energy. Hence it will become easier to get rid of the fat deposits. Modern acupuncturists say that using the stimulation of the needles through magnets and electricity calms the patient’s nerves.

Many people who have gotten acupuncture for their weight issues experience decreased appetite and that enables them to lose a pound or two a week. What’s more, they are able to feel more positive and optimistic about their weight loss and do not feel depressed about the whole process.

An even better news, according to most people who experience acupuncture is that the weight loss is permanent and they don’t feel like they gain the pounds once the treatment is done. Of course, there are certain people who don’t agree with the ideals of acupuncture treatment working for weight loss and saw no proper results. They said that people need diet and exercise in order to see any effective difference.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

This is really an individual experience that you will have to see for yourself. Many people swear by the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss, while others claim that they saw no difference whatsoever. It is best that you visit a professional practitioner and get a consultation before coming to a conclusion.



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