Here’s What Your Mole Says About You


Moles are unique birthmarks also considered as beauty marks that are found on different parts of the human body. But did you know that apart from playing a role as birthmarks, moles can tell a lot about a person’s character, fortune, personality, and more? Find out what your face mole says about you.


Mole on the forehead usually denotes wealth, fame, and status. It is also considered a sign of prosperity and wisdom. Mole on forehead describes the person as active, industrious and who has clear insight regarding his/her life goals. It also means happy marriage and a comfortable lifestyle.


A mole on the nose indicates that the person is loyal, true to his/her friends and family, loves individuality, and is hard working. But they can be short-tempered and stubborn. They might struggle in their career path but are passionate and don’t quit easily.


A mole on either cheek represents a sensitive, hardworking, responsible, and caring person. They are not at all materialistic and values parents and marriage. They can be introverts but loves spending time with close friends and family. To have a mole on the right or left cheeks means that the person will never face poverty or anxiety.


Having a mole on the lip not only enhances the beauty of a person but also means that the person will lead a theatre life. They love acting, art and have a weak spot for music. They are also extremely foodie which means that they are prone to health issues. Their main goal is to always move forward in life.


A mole on the chin indicates that the person is affectionate, and caring but can also be stubborn. They love attention from others. They are also very determined, logical easy to adapt to the different environments, and are nature lovers that make them born travelers. To have a mole on the chin also mean that they might get favored by destiny.



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