Hidden Desires of Each Zodiac Sign


Aries desires to be a leader and to achieve big things in life.

Aries are born leaders who dream big and out of all the signs, they’re one of the most determined to achieve something.

Taurus desires their life to be secure and safe.

Taurus craves a sense of security in a big way and demands safety all the time.

Gemini desires new experiences to learn new things.

The Gemini can never fulfill a thirst for knowledge and they get a real kick out of trying something new.

Cancer desires to feel romantic, free from emotions, and financial crises.

Cancer believes in the concept of true freedom and they work hard to achieve it no matter what.

Leo constantly desires respect and praise.

If you don’t praise a Leo for their accomplishments then they will always let you know.

Virgo desires to love and adoration.

Virgos craves adoration and love from others.

Libra desires clarity and balance.

The Libra desires true clarity and wants nothing more than a balance in life all the time.

Scorpio desires to make it to the top.

The Scorpio works hard to prove everyone else wrong and is determined to succeed where others have failed.

Sagittarius desires real innovation and how it can be used to change the world.

The Sagittarius is attracted to new things and will attempt to make real innovations to have a positive impact on many lives.

Capricon desires admiration from their family and friends.

Capricorns have a strong desire to hear praises and admiration for their accomplishments from their family and friends.

Aquarius desires to stand out among the others.

The Aquarius has a hidden desire that people should praise him and that he is a hard worker to stand out in front of people.

Pisces desire to turn their wildest dreams and fantasies into reality.

Pisces wants to convert his/her idea and dreams into reality.


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