Outdoor Walking VS Indoor Treadmill


Walking is an easy and accessible way to stay fit and healthy. It not only promotes weight loss but also improves mood. You can either walk outside or on a treadmill but which one is more beneficial. Read below to know the benefits of each and decide what is best for you.


Mood Booster

Outdoor walking is like treating your body and mind. Inhaling fresh air and connecting with nature are great ways to boost your mood. The time away from home and phone screens not only reduce stress and anxiety but also improve memory.

Exposure to Vitamin D

We all know Vitamin D (Sunlight) plays a vital role in keeping immunity strong. It regulates the circulatory system and strengthens muscles and bones. Outdoor walking means more vitamin D for the body.

Burn More Calories

Walking outside means using your full energy and power to push the body to move forward which means you burn more calories, unlike the treadmill.


Entertainment During Workout

Outdoor walking can sometimes get a little boring as listening to music can be dangerous. People prefer indoor treadmills so that they can listen to songs, watch videos even a movie without any worries.

Better Control

Outdoor walking means just moving forward and facing obstacles like wind, turns, corners, etc whereas an indoor treadmill comes with lots of features, you can not only set your speed and the distance in the machine but you can also check your heart rate and calories you have burned.

Lesser Workout Skip

During the lockdown, people preferred indoor workouts, and those who had treadmills got the goodness of walking while staying inside. A treadmill is also useful when the weather outside gets a little out of hand like too cold, too hot, or monsoon season.


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