Mastering The Pistol Squat


The pistol squat is an advanced leg workout with lots of moving parts. Below is a step-by-step guide on properly setting up for and doing the Pistol squat. Practice the following progression to master the Pistol Squat.

Full Squat

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Start lowering your body till your hamstrings (back of thighs) touch your calves or are close to it, and then get back up.


Stand in a split stance and start bending your knees of your forward leg while lowering your body. Go down till the knee of your rear leg almost touches the floor and then get back up.

Single Leg Bent Knee Half Squat

Stand in a squat position and now lift one leg backward with the knee bent. Now, lower your body to a parallel squat level and get back up.

Straight Knee Pistol Squat on Box

Place a box/bench behind you, stand in a squat position, and lift one of the legs to the front with its knee kept as straight as possible. Try lowering your body till you can sit on the box with just one leg on the floor and get back up.

Full Assisted Pistol Squat

Hold on to a TRX/ring/ railing and attempt the straight knee pistol squat till your hips almost touch your calves. Complete the repetitions to gain strength.

Pistol Squat

Once you have achieved 8-10 repetitions on an assisted pistol squat, you can attempt the pistol squat without assistance. Try holding on to your leg toes in the air with the knee of the suspended leg completely straight.

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