What to do when periods are late?


We all have a Love-Hate relationship with our periods, we hate it when it is around but we also sometimes miss it when it is gone for too long.

It is difficult to be a woman, we not only have to deal with period cramps, mood swings but also, we have to keep tabs on our dates. And by any chance, aunty flow is nowhere in sight we get worried and start panicking. But you don’t have to worry anymore, take a deep breath we are here to help you. These home remedies will not only induce your periods but will also help with period cramps.


Ginger is great to regulate your periods. Give ginger a try every morning by crushing it to extract its juice on a tablespoon and add an organic drop of honey to it. Consume this every morning and every night.


Snacking on few pieces of raw papaya or blending them to prepare a glass of fresh juice can trigger periods. Consume this hack twice every day until your period.


Turmeric is one amazing go-to solution for everything, even for a late period. You just have to add turmeric (powder form or raw form) in warm milk with honey, drink this every morning.


Ajwain is known to warm up your body which helps to induce periods and relieve periods cramp. Add one tablespoon of ajwain in 2 cups of water and boil it until the water is reduced to one cup. Drink this water every morning on an empty stomach.


This aromatic spice can do more than just add flavor to your meals. Like ajwain, it can also help to warm up your body. You just have to add two cinnamon sticks when boiling water for your morning tea. Drink this every morning until your period.

Make your periods arrive regularly by following these effective hacks in your daily routine.



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