5 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Periods

Tired of period woes? Here’s how you can make them manageable!


The advertisement industry have us believe that using the sanitary pad of a particular company can turn our menstruation days into a mini picnic. Suddenly women start running along the beaches with all their worries vanished. Unfortunately, that is not how life and especially periods work. Even if women all over the world have learnt to cope up with this natural phenomenon, periods are still not like your regular days. There is nausea, vomiting, headaches, pain, and the emotional aspect of PMS (perhaps the worst!).

Since these days are different, you need to treat them differently as well in order to make life a wee bit more comfortable. We have come up with the following 5 things that you should stop doing during your periods for ease and better health.

1. Using Pads For Too Long

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Periods

This is a necessary hygienic practice to follow for avoiding infections. Leaving on a sanitary pad for too long can cause toxic shock syndrome, which can be severe enough to cause a number of complications down there. Therefore, you should stop using the same tampon either for the fear of embarrassment or out of sheer laziness.

2. Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks including coffee can lead to an increase in the breast tenderness especially during periods. According to studies, caffeine is responsible for GABA, the downer neurotransmitter’s blockage in the brain. This leads to increased heart rate, anxiety, and other symptoms of PMS. This is why you should at least lessen your consumption of caffeinated beverages. Instead, you can always go for the decaffeinated green tea.

3. Salty Foods

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Periods

Water retention or bloating is one of the most common problems faced by menstruating. This is why it is advisable to keep away from sodium. Salty foods have a dehydrating effect on the human body, which the body compensates by opting for water retention. However, in case you are already a victim of it, you should drink lots of water to remove the excessive salts from your body.

4. Waiting Too Long To Take Medication

In case you experience a painful period, you should not wait too long to take medications. Many women believe that if they will just sleep on it, the pain will go away. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. Therefore, instead of letting the pain hurt you, grab a pain killer at the earliest. Why let the pain keep you down for so long?

5. Being a Couch Potato

Many women believe that moving too much while they are on their periods can be injurious to their health. There are others who think the smell might get stronger. Both of these reasons, or any other you might have, are just useless excuses. Exercise during periods can actually help overcome the ghastly mood swings, thanks to all the endorphins it releases!

Stop doing the things mentioned above and improve your menstruation experience.

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