8 Memes Every Girl on Her Period During Ramazan Will Relate to

It’s that time of the year again with that time of the month again. Are you prepared? Are any of us? Ever?

1. When you are having a particularly hard fast and you try to calculate if you are about to get your period so you can reward yourself with a cold glass of water. 
2. When you finally get your period and can take a break from fasting but your cramps are so bad, it’s a lose-lose situation.

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3. When you have to wake up to fake sehri because the male members of your family MUST NOT KNOW.

4. When you ask your sister to get water and she gasps: ROZA NAHI RAKHA TUMNAY?


5. When you think you have another couple of days of your period left VS when the pad comes out clean just before sehri and you have to fast the next day.

6. Every. Man. Ever.

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7. Me making iftar on my period.

8. Is this us or is this us?

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