6 Natural Ways to Jump-Start Your Menstrual Cycle


Is there a wedding or a trip next week but the dates clash with those of your periods? How very inconvenient! Periods don’t only bring pain and mess, they also mean you have to be careful with what you wear and what you do, particularly on those first 3 days! Since you simply cannot wait a week for them to pass, how about trying to have them early instead? Don’t want to use medication and upset the cycle? Don’t worry; there are natural ways to jump-start your menstrual cycle
Here is how you can bring the periods early with natural methods.

1. Up Your Vitamin C Intake

It is commonly believed that vitamin C helps in increasing the uterine lining, which ultimately makes the cycle come early. You can increase vitamin C consumption in the form of supplements or take foods that have high vitamin C content, such as:

•  Papayas
•  Peppers
•  Citrus fruits
•  Tomatoes
•  Kiwi
•  Broccoli
•  Leafy vegetables

2. Ginger Tea

6 Natural Ways to Jump-Start Your Menstrual Cycle2
Ginger is another herb that can help make your menstrual cycle come early, particularly for those people who regularly have late menses.

•  You can either simply use ginger powder with a glass of warm water or make fresh ginger tea.
•  Grate 1 teaspoon of ginger and boil in 1 glass of water. Switch off the stove and steep for 10 minutes. Consume immediately after that. Do this twice a day till periods arrive.

3. Parsley Tea (Ajwain Kharasani)

Parsley tea helps in quickly bringing on the menstrual cycle by stimulating uterine contractions. There is no hardcore evidence to prove it works, but it is a well-experimented home remedy. Avoid this tea if you are pregnant.

•  All you need to do is take ¼ cup of fresh parsley leaves, add 1 teaspoon of ginger to it and boil it in 1 cup of water. Let it sit for 10 minutes on low heat, strain and consume. Drink once a day for as long as it takes to start your menstrual cycle.

4. Use Jaggery (Gur)

6 Natural Ways to Jump-Start Your Menstrual Cycle3
Jaggery or gur is perhaps another great thing to bring the periods quickly. You can eat it as it is or if you don’t enjoy the taste then add it to any tea you are having. You won’t even need to add sugar to the tea.

•  You can also grind it in powder form, add sesame seeds to it and then take a teaspoon once a day.

5. Exercise

Exercise is believed to be great to bring an early flow. Not keen on exercise, dance! Put on that bhangra number and dance your heart out! The best part about exercises is that they don’t disturb your hormones. 5 exercises that bring menstrual cycle early include:

•  Squats
•  Sit-ups
•  Running
•  Crunches
•  Standing twists

6. Hot Compress

6 Natural Ways to Jump-Start Your Menstrual Cycle1

Hot showers and hot compresses work wonders for period pain as well as in beginning the menstrual cycle quickly.

•  Make the temperature of your shower as hot as you can tolerate and then take a long bath.
•  If you are not in the mood for a shower, then apply a hot water bottle or compress to lower back and lower abdomen.

So, which of these natural ways do you plan to use to bring early periods? Let us know in the comments below.

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