The Karachi Dust Storm: A Quick Survival Guide

Word going around is that the storm will continue for another couple of days


While many of us woke up to an inch of dust on every free surface available on April 15, others weren’t as lucky. There are people who got caught in Karachi’s dust storm and were severely injured. They’re now being treated at different hospitals.

Word going around is that this will continue for another couple of days.

So here is a quick guide on how to survive a fierce dust storm:

1. Eye protection

With your eyes being one of the most vulnerable areas in a dust storm, it’s important to take the best measures you can to protect them. The most effective solution to this is wearing eye goggles, that can help you make full use of your vision along with shielding your eyes from any pain, irritation and infections from the dust.

2. Mouth and nose protection

Dust will inevitably get into your breathing tubes and lungs which must be prevented at all costs. Face masks are easy to purchase from any medical store. But if you’re unable to access those, you can securely tie a handkerchief around your nose and mouth.

3. Protection from flying objects

Flying objects are one of the most dangerous things about a dust storm and often lands many in hospitals. It’s best to find a spot behind a stable, large object such as a wall or another landform that will protect you from the wind and keep you sheltered.

4. Risky driving

If you are trying to outrun a storm in your car, it’s important to make sure you’re driving at a safe speed and are looking out for any vehicles you’re sharing the road with. If the dust storm is already on a full-swing, you need to park in a safe spot instead of driving because of visibility issues. A mall basement or next to a wall are some good places to park your car.

5. Carry water

The dust getting into your lungs can dry up your necessary moisture. It’s important to carry around water to keep hydrating, and to wash out your eyes and mouth if the dust gets in.

But the best thing to do, of course, is sit tight at home for as long as you can, and wait for the storm to pass. Take time off from work, perhaps cook something yummy, and enjoy it with your family!

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