3 Things You Can Do To Prepare Yourself For Spring

It’s time to get ready for a ‘Springing’ season ahead


Winter this year lasted longer than expected with temperatures going as low as 12 degrees Celsius even in a hot city like Karachi. But while it may seem like the winter season might still linger on a little longer, Spring is right around the corner – beginning at March 21 – and it’s time to get ready for a ‘Springing’ season ahead.

Here is how you can prepare yourself for ‘Bahar’

Connect With Yourself

For many Winter season means staying indoors, as the temperature outside is almost impossible to bear. So most of the days are spent snuggled up in the comforts of our rooms. But that not only limits our physical activity, it also adversely affects our mental health as winter blues is not just a myth.

After a long hiatus it’s time to reconnect with oneself by connecting with nature. It’s time to spring back into action and take yourself out, even if it means just a stroll around the neighborhood.

Spring brings with itself fresh and cool breeze along with a colorful range of flowers that only helps clear the mind. So don’t stop yourself and step out.

Spring Maintenance Time

Most of our electronics are switched off during the Winter season, such as, air conditioning. So, use this season break to give these electronics a maintenance check before the start of the hot and humid unbearable season of Summer that lasts for a long time in Pakistan.

If you can’t do it alone, call in for help. Give a maintenance check to everyday electronic items that have been lying idle. And if you find something you don’t need anymore, it’s time to chuck them out.

Shop For The Season

If there is one thing that can be called as Pakistanis national favorite pass time – after eating of course – it would be shopping. All we need is a reason to hit the mall or bazaars and shop till we quite literally drop.

Designers and clothing brands seem to also bag on this obsession of ours, which is why almost every clothing outlet in the country has taken out its Spring/Summer Collection. Pastel colors and light airy fabrics cover the racks at the malls and street bazaars.

Let’s benefit from this so-called generosity of clothing brands (in exchange of our hard-earned money) and push in the winter clothes insides our trunks and fill our wardrobes with new bright colors and prints.

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