5 Things in Karachi That Are As Good As #AndayWalaBurger

There is no second opinion on the fact that owing to the cities diverse culture, there is plenty of food options to choose from.


If there is one thing Karachi is famous for it is its food scene. Be it the streets or the high-end restaurants, they are all bustling with foodies even in the wee hours of the day.

There is no second opinion on the fact that owing to the cities diverse culture, there is plenty of food options to choose from. Some of which have gone on to become the city’s staple dishes.

And in a recent Instagram post Comedian Ali Gul Pir reminded us that a true Karchiite no matter where he/she goes, an upscale eatery or an international food chain, he/she will crave for true Karachi flavors like Anday Wala Burger.

If you are craving some of the best dishes the city has to offer just like us, here is a list of five dishes that are as good and cheap as Anday Wala Burger.

Hunter Beef Burger From Hanifia

People who don’t eat beef don’t know what they are missing out on. Let’s face it beef makes everything taste better. Period. And when its minced into a unique tangy recipe you are sure to experience food coma.

Hanifia’s famous hunter beef burgers are one of Karachi’s must-haves. They are delicious, beefy and affordable. Luckily for us they are now available in multiple locations.

Source: Facebook/Hanifia’s
Singaporean Rice From Kashif Foods

That Pakistanis are creative is no news. But did you know we are so creative that we invented a dish after a country even when that country doesn’t even serve it?

Karachi’s famous Singaporean Rice is a local creation that Singaporeans are also not aware of. But that doesn’t stop us from devouring into the goodness of the dish, especially when at Kashif Foods located near Rab Medical in Gulshan

Source: supermeal.pk

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Lachaydaar Parathay from Quetta Alamgir Hotel

One of the best things about the city is its diverse culture. People from all over the country come to Karachi to earn a living and with them bring their unique cuisines. And we are not complaining!

Lachaydaar Parathay from Quetta Alamgir Hotel has made our doodh patti taste much better.

Source: Facebook/QuettaAlamgirHotel
Gola Ganda at Dhoraji

Karachi is a hot city and to beat the heat, we Karachiites don’t leave a chance to head to Dhoraji for a juicy Gola Ganda. This ice-y goodness has been keeping Karachiites cold and comfy for decades.

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Nihari from Javed Nihari

We Karachiites love our salans the same way we love our fast food. When it comes to food, we are fuss-free. And Javed Nihari’s famous nihari satisfies our curry craving like no other.

Located at Dastagir and F.B Area, this food joint is packed with customers throughout the day.

Source: Facebook/JavedNihari
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