Here’s All We’re Looking Forward To At Karachi Eat Festival 2019

Food and some more food!


It’s that time of the year again! One of Karachi’s most anticipated food events, Karachi Eat is almost here and we’re excited for many reasons. First reason being the pleasant weather and second (no doubts there) there will be a lot of food to try. Like every year, new names in the business will be participating and will try to bring their A game for foodies. Another highlight of the event will be the ‘Star Entree’ Menu – a menu created exclusively for Karachi Eat Festival only and there will be around 90 dishes on this menu (would you believe that?) We’re definitely stoked!!! Here are some of the dishes we have our eyes on.

The Big Chip by I Scream Sandwiches

In the mood for ice cream sandwiches? Well, here’s something you can try at the event this year.

Taco Sundaes by Lals

Talk about ice cream desserts and you’ll find us somewhere lurking around to try one. Speaking of which, Lals has gotten us excited to try their Taco Sundaes this year with four unique flavours –  Red Velvet, Choco Strawberry, Caramel Apple and Chocolate Brownie. Cannot wait to try them!

Filled Donuts by Slice of Life

Are we sick of donuts yet? Not a chance!

The Hunter Beef Bun by Shrooms

If you love hunter beef, this one should definitely be on your list

The Smokin’ Chick Naan by Cloud Naan

Winters and naan cannot be separated and for this very divine union, this naan will be on our minds till we actually try it.

S’mores by Café Ujala

For the love of indulgent desserts and hello! the weather simply calls for it. Let’s just hope it lives up to the hype.

Prawn Biryani by Craving Spot

We can’t wait for the merger of two of the best worlds, sea food and biryani! Hoping it’s not a catastrophe though.

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Taiyaki Soft Serve by Delinia

It won’t be exaggeration, if we say 2018 was the year of soft serve. As it turns out, the trend is still very much alive and new eateries are trying to catch up. Here is a new one you can try at KEat.

The Double Chaska Roll by A-one Snacks

The go-to food item when craving for paratha and spicy chicken filling kicks in! This is one we’re definitely going to try.

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