4 Worst Places You Can Go For A Cheat Meal In Karachi

Sigh! Wish we knew better


Cheat meals don’t come by often so when they do you know you want the best of the best and something that blows your mind away. Moreover, you want something that doesn’t totally kill your diet and effort in the gym. Keeping these things in mind, here are five worst places you can go for your cheat meal in Karachi.


cheat mealIt hasn’t been long since this place opened up and we were beyond excited to try their decadent dishes – a new carb heaven that is here to stay but sadly, it didn’t and hasn’t yet lived up to our expectations. A customer who went there recently with the intention to splurge in a comforting cheat meal said “Perfect example of an overrated place with food that is overpriced and tasteless. The most fail of a cheat meal of my life and I regret going there  – and what’s the point of having so many varieties of fancy breads when they aren’t even fresh”. Well, enough said guys!

Café Aylanto

Another overrated restaurant known among the hip crowd but if someone should call a spade a spade, let us  take the plunge because we’re all for that. While, there was a time when this place served the yummiest pasta and pizza, sadly, the quality of their food has gone drastically down. Safe to say, if you’re looking for a drool-worthy and creamy bowl of pasta for a cheat meal, this may not satiate your cravings.


cheat meal

Once known for comforting and soul-stirring Chinese food, Ginsoy has sadly lost its charm off late. The food no longer appeals to us the way it did because of substandard quality and less than favorable flavors. Their classic dishes such as Manchurian and Chilli chicken are not exactly cheat meal material anymore and we’re sure staying away. A customer who recently went there to consume his cheat meal of the week thinking he would be thoroughly satisfied came back with regrets and said “Watery gravy and bland flavours are just some of my concerns. Not going there for a while!”.

Burger Lab

cheat meal

For the love of burgers, we can literally go to any lengths to try one and well…stick to one also for our weekly cheat meals. However, there are some places that have let us down severely because of their lousy food quality. We spoke to a customer who recently went to Burger Lab with a lot of expectations, only to be massively disappointed. “I went there for the first time in my life and immediately regretted it because my burger was a total disaster as the meat wasn’t even done properly,” she said.

Would you want to add another place to the list? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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