Please Put These Items On Your Shaadi Menu

Food is the highlight at any wedding. Get it right.


We will not presume to understand budgeting details or what a certain khala or phupho has suggested for the menu options. We are simply putting forward those menu items that we think are always a hit. And are secretly hoping will be available at even the 20th shaadi of the season.

Chicken Biryani

THE most obvious dish. Chicken biryani; it can be zafrani or Sindhi or Shah Jehani, whatever. We just want to see, smell, taste, *attack* the best rice dish created by man-kind. We wouldn’t mind a raita either.

Fried Fish

photo: boldsky

It is undoubtedly one item that spikes the per head menu cost considerably- so no worries if it doesn’t make the cut. However, if it is on the menu, it makes our hearts race just a little; our eyes twinkle just a little; our mouths water- sure, just a little.

Also, appealing to your healthy side, fish is SO good for us, your lovely guests.

Seekh Kabab

Aha, surprised are we? Yes, we chose seekh kabab over the ever popular tikka boti. As much as we love tikka, it’s surprising how often wedding caterers get it wrong. Due to the demand to quicken their pace, the BBQ maestros very often serve up the meat without cooking it perfectly. Seekh kababs are not only safer, they’re delicious.

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Has anyone else noticed the lack of parathas at weddings lately? I mean, I understand that you need the naans and the sheermals for the gravy but come on, what did the paratha ever do to you?

Garlic Butter Naan

Apparently, we love our breads. The crispy-on-the-outside and heaven-on-the-inside piping hot kulcha naans are well worth the wait near the tandoor at weddings. As if they weren’t amazing enough right out of the tandoor, they are then smothered with garlic butter, and sometimes cheese!

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Aloo Tarkari/Palak Paneer

We underestimate the number of people who actually do not eat meat. Keeping that aside, it’s always refreshing to see a vegetarian item on the menu. Besides, Aloo Tarkari will always hold a special place in our hearts. And if you have followed our advice and added parathas, then watch and see how these items disappear.

Garam Gulab Jamun

photo: alica’s peppercot

There’s nothing more to say here. Gulab Jamuns are perfection.

Garam Gajar Ka Halwa

A winter essential dessert. Oddly, some of the best halwas I have had, have been at weddings. If you haven’t been invited to any winter weddings yet, try this amazing lauki ka halwa at home!


If it’s the summertime: all I need in this life of heat is me and my kulfi.

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Let us take a moment here and thank our lucky stars that we have been exposed to Pakistani cuisine. Can you imagine life without it?!

P.S. You totally get brownie points for aloo bukharay ki chatni and bhari hui mirchain.

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