Please STOP Putting These Items On Your Shaadi Menu

We're only trying to help you. And your guests.


It’s easy to name all the mouth-watering dishes you want on your wedding menu, but one way or another the not-so-desirable menu options will make it to the list. Why? We’re making it a little easy for you to steer clear of these items that you will likely have too much left over of.

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Now, don’t get us wrong. We LOVE paye, but picture the scene: you’re all decked up, with your best clothes on- and someone bumps into you. All the liquid-y goodness is now on you. Also, paye are best eaten in the comfort of your own home where no one will judge your eating manners.

White Sauce Pasta

Surprised? We usually love seeing a non-desi option on the wedding menu but unless you are getting an amazing, restaurant-level caterer, skip the pasta. The regular wedding caterers do not do it justice and charge a hefty amount for it too.

Chicken Saalan

Gravies are great, and you need to include at least one in your menu. But opt for karhai or qorma, for a cost-friendly filling item. However, please avoid the super-oily and watery chicken salan that we don’t particularly like having at home either.

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Gelatin Based Desserts

They do look good though, right?

They call it cheesecake – it’s not. They call it mousse – it’s not. They call it trifle – well, it’s not. All these desserts taste essentially the same and many wedding caterers use low-quality ingredients for them. Opt for safe, always great options like: vanilla pudding, halwas, kulfi/ice-cream, gulab jamun, kheer, jalebi, etc.

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Is there anything else you feel should be added to this list? Do let us know!

Related: Please Put These Items On Your Wedding Menu

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