Wedding Do’s and Don’ts!


It’s the wedding season or perhaps your own big day coming up soon! There are many things that go on happening all at once when a wedding takes place. Beside the bride looking beautiful and the groom trying to be the best gentleman, there is much more to what should and should not concern you for the wedding. A lot of people feel that they’re mentally very prepared and organized, however, this be not the case as the days go by and the wedding house becomes an asylum with everyone going nuts. To avoid this to the highest possible level, here are some basic wedding DO’S and DON’TS 101 that I recently experienced to have thought of when going to shadis.

Let’s start with the Don’ts.

1. DON’T leave anything for the last minute!

Most people have a tendency to be as laid back as possible with the unique mind frame that it’ll just happen. Like a magic wand swooshes, everything will just fall into place. NO! It won’t till you get what needs to be done on time and with the attention it requires. There can be many things that people actually even think should be done at the last minute. Even bridal make-up trials are done months before people!

2. DON’T panic

This may not be possible in some cases, as having a panic outburst is their natural reaction to handle things. However, the best thing to do is not to panic, because if you panic, say you’re the bride, your parents will panic, then their relatives will panic and seeing them, all panic, you will panic even more. See what a chaotic chain that was. Well, avoid this so that things can be done with ease and no one goes ripping each other’s head off. It is important not to be a bridezilla, nobody wants to be near that.

3. DON’T go over the board

When people think of weddings, somehow their main focus becomes; impress everyone! Well, no. It’s a very special day for the two that are coming to be together as a couple and that should be the center of attention in and out. Yes, there are many things that need to be looked after but, going over the board out of the need to be extravagant when your pockets are crying out loud, then just think twice before you do it. Weddings are expensive, and they should be a memorable day for the couple and their family and friends to cherish, not a major happening party of the town.

Now the Do’s:

1. DO get yourself an organizer

If you have an ample amount of time, then the best way to get things on time is through an organized plan. When things are organized they tend to move smoothly, which means that everything will happen for you as you want it, if you plan it ahead of time. This may be getting appointments, bookings, etc. having it all set for you before the big day is a sense of relief for everyone, trust me.

2. DO a tasting of the food

For most people, weddings are mostly all about the food. How good the food was will always be remembered because that’s the second discussion that will take place amongst your guests beside how the bride and groom looked. So, why not have a tasting to what you’re about to serve and save yourself from just a pathetic gossip.

3. DO enjoy this time!

With the whole planning and rushing to get things done for the wedding, it is important to remember that you enjoy each and every bit of this. This time for you is not going to come back its way around, and the more happier you will feel on the outside, the more beautiful you will look and be on the outside on your big day, I guarantee you.

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