It’s Cheat Day So We Went Burger Hunting In Lahore!

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One of the results of globalization and the free market economy is the Hamburger. Quintessentially an American meal, the Hamburger (aka Burger), is now equally favorite in Pakistan and serves to satiate the taste buds of most of us

Be it a simple combination of an egg and lentils patty laid with local ketchup inside a bun, the Anda Shami, or the exquisite marriage between a beef patty and bun at a high-end eatery, burgers in Pakistan are the single most popular choice at restaurants, cafes, and dhaabas combined.

In Lahore, burger scene has bloomed over the years once starting from the M.M. Alam Road and adjoining areas. Spread as far as DHA Phase VIII; you’ll find some burger joints at M.M. Alam Road alone.

International Names:

When McDonalds’ first opened in here, their burgers were the least favourite item on the menu. The safe option for many was the Fillet-o-Fish burger, the better of the lot. Same was the case with KFC. With the introduction of McRoyale, McDonald’s upped its game in affordable burgers for the masses and never looked back. However, while McDonalds’ and KFC’s burgers follow the routine, and Fat Burger turned out to be great dismay, recent additions of international fast food chains like The Burger King have brought back the lost glory.

Hardee’s aided with controversial marketing campaigns and appealing combo meal options, is perhaps ahead of the pack for many.  The ‘Super Star’ is truly a shining star for ones looking to fulfill their burger-lust in the city.

Super Star burger by Hardee’s

The Glocal Art Of Making Burgers:

While the concept still is very American, it has found its way into the hearts of true Pakistanis as well. How? Well, let’s look at Johnny and Jugnu for example. A new-age burger joint-cum modern dhaaba has localized the experience of having a burger according to local tastes and preferences.

Photo credit: Charcoal + Gravel

Experimenting with various rich sauces, and having created the perfect combination for local flavor, each bite is a treat for the desi style burger cravings.

Similar is the case with Rina’s Kitchenette’s ‘Smash Burger’. According to a customer, every bite of this burger is a blast of perfectly balanced flavor in the mouth. It’s a perfect choice if your eating experience is defined more by the blend of sauces than the price of the burger. No flavor overpowers the other, rather succulently complements the grilled chicken, then the turkey bacon, then the veggies and finally the cheese.

Photo credit: Charcoal + Gravel

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Disappointing Burger Parade:

While many local eateries are doing a marvelous job at making burgers oozing with perfect chemistry of meat, sauces, and buns, there are some that need serious rethinking.

Jessie’s, for example, is a new spot in town. Even with superior interior design and rooftop sitting area, a high-end crowd, and potential for splurging on food, Jessie’s lags in salivating your taste buds when it comes to burgers. Something is just not right when it comes to balancing flavors and complimenting the meat.

Photo credit: Hungerist

We’d suggest similar newbies like The Ministry of Burgers and the Burger Lab to up their game by taking detailed customer feedback. While we’re not discouraging you from playing in the burgeoning burger scene of the food industry in Pakistan, there is still room for improvement and a lot more for experimentation and innovation.

Once considered to be one of the most sought-after places for burgers, Howdy’s too has lost its touch. The buns are usually reviewed to be either too hard or too dry, and the patty either left raw from the inside or too bland to help satisfy the foodie. It seems like all these franchises are popping up without following the guidelines to uphold the original taste or the prestige. There is a dire need to train staff in cooking the semi-processed food at all international fast-food franchises in Pakistan.

The not so impressive burger by Howdy Lahore

Lahoris, don’t lose faith just yet!

Whatever you do, Lahoris won’t stop celebrating their food. If you’re smart enough, you’ll be able to hold our attention. So go ahead, and make buns especially engineered to absorb sauces and meat juices, bring out new toppings, renovate eating experience and surprise us with versatile burgers.

Try to find out why customers are not making their way back to your place after trying your burgers. You either need to improve the richness of the patty, add complimenting sides like French fries or improve your service. Customers’ value for money is essential, and it rests in all of it – the taste, the ambiance, the service, and the sides. Mind you, the quality of a plate of fries complimenting the burger plays a crucial role in finding a value for money also.

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