2018 In Review: Food Trends


1.      Pizza

photo: POMO/facebook

I can hear you laughing at me. Pizza is not a trend, it’s a staple. However, this year we have seen pizza being taken a little more seriously than before. We had places like POMO and Junaidi’s enter the pizza scene with claims to authentic pizza making styles (Neapolitan and New-York style, respectively). Famous O’s opened up shop. Easy had everyone raving about their whipped ricotta pizza, Detroit style. Ergo: pizza in 2018= trending!

2.      Health Food

photo: evergreen/facebook

Evergreen, chatterbox deli, the F word are all additions to the much needed health food restaurant pickings in Karachi. Many established eateries also introduced Keto menus and have made sure to have options for the health conscious.

3.      Tacos

photo: mrfoodiekhi/loco/facebook

Tacos were the trend of 2017. We feel that it spilled over into 2018, especially in Pakistan. Loco maintained its place in Karachi as one of the most consistently great restaurants to visit- and their tacos are nothing short of fantastic. Tacos can be seen on menus in high-end eateries (Cote Rotie) and fast food joints (Hoagies), alike.

4.      Comfort food

photo: BabaMoo/facebook

Comfort food is undoubtedly a trend this year- with eateries like Easy and Baba Moo dishing out loaded hot-dogs, cheese doused everything and places like Mews and Jucy Lucy keeping it equally indulgent with signature dishes like mac and cheese and cheese stuffed beef burgers. Let’s not forget that 2 Guys 1 Grll also opened its doors this year with the famous doughnut burger. Comfort food is shouting loud and proud that it is here to stay. And slay. All those expected New Year’s resolutions.

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5.      Potatoes

photo: No Lies Fries/facebook

The best vegetable ever gains even more popularity with loaded jacket potatoes hitting the market and places like No Lies Fries giving us our poutine fix along with many other loaded fries options. The patatas bravas from Loco have also been a massive hit.

6.      Modern cuisine

photo: Kudu/facebook

New restaurants like Thyme and Kudu are setting the bar for what is to come in 2019. Opting for riskier menu options and giving presentation and theatrics the necessary attention, it seems that modern cuisine is finally attempting to break through to Karachi’s mainstream.

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7.      Éclairs

photo: dezato/facebook

Marcel’s was the talk of the town when it first opened. Not just due to the famous 25,000 rupee cake but also for the French flair it lent to our city. Éclairs, although always available in many local bakeries, had a sudden epiphany that they were imposters in the face of the real French treats- and they stepped up their game accordingly. Most bakeries have done a revamp of the ‘cream stuffed soggy choux’ and éclairs, in their correct form, are now available readily at places like Hobnob, Dezato, Lal’s and many more.

8.      Soft Serve

easy soft serve red velvet
photo: Easy/facebook

Not only has soft serve picked up its pace in 2018 with places like the Waffle Witch and Crave Bar increasing massively in popularity, but the flavors have also ventured beyond the staple vanillas and chocolates. The waffle witch put out a most delicious cereal milk flavor, and the crave bar has not ceased in popularity since it opened. Easy keeps us excited with new flavors like matcha and red velvet hitting the menu.

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