10 Early Signs You Have Met ‘The One’


Do you believe in soulmates? A soulmate is some who makes you feel more confident, more courageous, more accepting of who you are.

People often confuse friendship with soulmates and they rush into that relationship which ends up in a nasty breakup. Remember there are clears signs through which you can identify that they are the one and if you have already come across them signs then get hold of him/her and never let go.

Below are 10 signs that will help you to figure out whether you have met the one or not:

You can be the most vulnerable version of yourself with them and still feel safe

Your goals and values are aligned

They’re your #1 cheerleader who motivated and inspire you like no one else

You both understand the love takes work. Conflicts may arise but you know that a healthy relationship involves compromise.

You’ve found a home in them. They bring you comfort and a sense of safety.

They talk about the future with you in it.

Happiness takes on a new meaning whenever you are with them.

There is just this gut feeling that they are ‘The One

They don’t complain about you and tell you to change yourself. They like you as you are.

You are the first person they call when they have something important to share.

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