First Date Idea for Each Zodiac Signs


First dates can be overwhelming & it’s always better to take astrology help.


Scuba diving or going to a football match, Aries are usually down for an adventurous experience that would not be considered a standard date.


Fancy dinner or movie night – your choice. Taurus appreciates the small things that show your utmost care and effort: taking initiative, scheduling, showing up on time, wearing a nice outfit and don’t forget quality perfume.


Do you want to make a Gemini happy? Ask them questions. Listen enthusiastically. Share your exquisite views on the world. Set up a comfortable talking space!

Cancer: (HONEST)

No one appreciates you being emotionally available more than a Cancer does. In fact, it’s the only way to hit it off with one. Be as open as you can, try to be each other’s confidants for the night and share things you’ve never told anyone before.


Leos are hard to please. If you happen to fancy one, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. This includes finding out little things about them way before your first date takes. Also, invite them on a week’s notice minimum: they’re always somehow busy.

Virgo: (CLASSY)

For Virgos high maintenance is key such as a highly rated restaurant, red wine, gifts and big gestures are appreciated.


Surprise a Libra. Fly them out to an island. Rent a boat. Propose to them. To blow their mind off go out of your way to make the date memorable and unique.

Scorpio: (ENTICING)

For Scorpios, present yourself in a way that leaves them wondering what you’re about. And the best date idea is stargazing together or meeting over a cup of coffee.

Sagittarius: (MEMORABLE)

Sagittarius folks are the unforgettable kind. To match their level, do something they won’t shut up about for weeks afterwards like recreating a romantic movie plot.

Capricorn: (SIMPLE)

Capricorns value their time and money more than anyone. Make sure you value those too before you ask them out. Smart planning and efficiency are a must-do.


An Aquarius doesn’t like to feel pressured, and excessive planning stresses them out. In fact, the less serious you sound when asking them out, the better. Choose a casual date spot.

Pisces: (CASUAL)

A good sense of humour, nature, heartfelt conversations and a comforting meal is all it takes to make a Pisces happy. Ask them out for a nice evening walk, share a dessert and some secrets. It’s all about the little things!


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