Is He Cheating On You? Tell-Tale Signs You Can’t Ignore

"That years of love have been forgot, in the hatred of a minute" -Egar Allan Poe


What Poe said stands absolutely true in a situation where one partner finds another partner cheating on them. In fact, the more you had been in love with your cheating partner, the greater will be your hatred for them. However, no matter how painful it is to find out that the person you trusted so much is cheating on you, it is better than staying in the dark forever. Therefore, if your intuition tells you that your guy is cheating on you, you have the right to investigate it.

Is He Cheating On You

Here are a few tell-tale signs that might indicate your partner is two-timing you:

1.      The Marks

Is He Cheating On You

Keep a look out for the marks of another woman on his clothes and body. If you find these things on him:

  • Lipstick marks
  • Unfamiliar scent
  • Female hair that you are sure are not yours

Then chances are he is cheating on you.

2.      Long Working Hours

You know his working hours and the usual pressure his bosses put on him. In case there is a tremendous increase in that, causing him to stay late on the pretext of work, conferences/meetings, and any other excuses to buy him time away from you, then you need to get alert. It is a very definitive sign that he is up to something.

3.      He Stops Noticing You

Is He Cheating On You

Another huge sign that your partner is cheating is that he is in a world of his own. He stops noticing you altogether. The subtle hints he used to catch in seconds are now lost on him. If you’re wearing his favourite colour, getting a new hair dye, or are looking your most stunning version, and he still isn’t giving you a glance, know that something is fishy.

4.      It’s All in the Attitude

Men when they are cheating might have different attitudes. While some feel guilty and thus start being extra nice to their partners, others do the exact opposite. They focus on finding faults in their partners. Some even get to the point of accusing their partners of cheating while in reality they themselves are the culprits. The psychology behind the latter is “if I can cheat without being detected, maybe she is doing it too.”

5.      He Is Too Much Into His Appearance

A sudden obsession with his looks, buying new clothes, and joining a gym are all suspicious activities if he had never done that before. However, these alone do not prove that he is cheating on you. If there are other signs along with it such as taking showers before coming to bed (probably to wash off the scent of another woman), constantly cleaning his car, and/or excessive mobile usage, then it is high time for you to doubt his intentions.

These are some of the most common behaviors that cheaters exhibit. Apart from that, you should notice if your partner starts talking excessively about a new colleague/friend of opposite gender. Similarly, if family and friends try to warn you about him, listen to them. Most importantly, listen to your sixth sense. If you feel that something is not right, then it probably isn’t.

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