Debunking the Myths of Low-Carb Diet

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There are several myths and misleading concepts regarding low-carb diet. All carbohydrates are not scary and do not always contribute to weight gain. Some are really good to health and essential while other types can be avoided. They are not always good or bad. So, stop being a stereotype and know the facts, and check out some of the low-carb diet myths debunked.

Myth 1: Carbs Make You Fat!

Let’s just dump this flawed concept of carbohydrates making you fat. No they don’t. Not all carbs are fattening. In fact carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for your muscles and brain to work. It totally depends on the recipe and the type of meal they are part of. For a good carb-diet, opt for whole grains, pasta, fruits and vegetables to feel full and stay light. If you go for low-carbs you may not feel energetic and active. But you better avoid the very much tempting deep fried potato chips, they are highly fattening. Watchout!

Myth 2: Eliminating Carbs & Adding Proteins Helps Lose Weight

Proteins are mainly responsible for muscle growth. But if there is no carbohydrate in your body, your body will convert protein into glucose for energy which in return reduces your protein store. This does not only effect your muscle mass, but it will also slow down the metabolic rate resulting in burning less calories causing you to gain weight. So, considering protein only the best ingredient to build muscles is mistaken, you also need to have carbs to have those curvy muscles.

Eating only protein can have an adverse effect on your body such as kidney damage and can also increase the risk for osteoporosis.

Myth 3: Low-Carb Diet Restricts Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are primarily carbohydrates and people have this huge misconception that these essentials are strictly not allowed on low-carb diet. You can reduce the amount you intake, but don’t eliminate them completely from your diet. Replacing junk food with moderate amount of fruits is healthy, but for a diabetic it might be unhealthy.

Myth 4: All Carbohydrates are Sugar…Not True!

That’s true that all carbohydrates are sugar and raises the blood sugar lever, but this concept is misleading. Technically sugar refers to glucose, galactose and fructose and not those granular white crystals, so telling people that all starch is converted into sugar is misleading them. All carbs are not sugar. There is a huge difference between a potato and a candy. If you plan to lose weight, try to lose your hold on sugary stuff, desserts and chocolates.

Myth 5: Low-Carb Diet Works….At First Only

You may shed pounds quickly in the initial stage of your low-carb diet, but that lasts for a while. If you are looking to burn fat without carbohydrates, this will produce a substance called ketones. Ketones are responsible to decrease appetite. This can be dangerous in the long run, because high ketone levels may reduce the mineral mass in bones leaving them weak.

You must now be aware of the low-carb story and understand the difference between consuming a chocolate chip cookie and a carrot. Get your concepts clear, eat healthy and save yourself from getting lost into the low-carb diet trend.

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