8 Calcium Rich Foods for Optimum Bone Health


As we age, our bones tend to grow weak. Adding certain foods in our diet can help improve bone health.

When it comes to bone health, two nutrients play a key role; calcium and vitamin D. Calcium improves the bone structure, and vitamin D improves calcium absorption and bone growth. Foods rich in these nutrients can help protect against bone conditions like osteoporosis in which the bones become brittle and break easily.

8 Calcium Rich Foods for Optimum Bone Health1

Here are 8 foods for optimum bone health:

1.      Yogurt

Yogurt is loaded with both calcium and vitamin D. Just one cup of yogurt can fulfill your day’s requirement of both these nutrients. Hence, it is one of the best foods to add to your diet!

2.      Salmon

Other than being rich in good fats (omega-3 fatty acids), that are good for your heart, salmon is also very rich in calcium. Just a 3-ounce serving can give you calcium intake required for the day.

3.      Milk

Almost every dairy product is good for your bone health. Milk is packed with vitamin D and calcium both. In just 1 (8-ounce) cup, you can get up to 300mg of these nutrients.

   4.  Almonds

Of all the nuts, almonds contain the most amount of calcium. They also contain potassium that prevents loss of calcium through urination. Add raw almonds or almond butter to your diet, it is good for your bone health.

5.      Cheese

Since cheese is made up of milk, it too has a lot of calcium. Of all the cheeses, mozzarella has the highest amount of calcium. However, be cautious about how much cheese you consume. Too much cheese can be harmful as it is fattening.

6.      Figs (Anjeer)

Figs, both in fresh and dried form, make an excellent source of calcium. You can even add them to fruit salad, porridge or yogurt. However, remember to eat the entire fruit to fulfill your daily calcium requirements for optimum bone health.

7.      Spinach

Spinach is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A and fiber. Try consuming spinach at least once a week. It can act as a good substitute to dairy products!

8.      Orange Juice

Not only is orange juice fortified with calcium and vitamin D, it also helps in the absorption of these nutrients. Other than that it is also a very good source for vitamin C so you should start your day with a glass of fresh orange juice.

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