Most Essential Vitamins For Your Health

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In 2019 everything is moving too fast. Everything is happening at once. And while we don’t have time to check what foods we need to make sure we eat, we still want a strong immune system, clear skin, and shiny hair. So here’s a quick list of essential vitamins for your body and what foods to incorporate into your diet to ensure you get them.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a crucial factor in your body’s absorption of calcium. Inadequate intake can lead to weak bones and unhealthy teeth. Vitamin D can also aid weight-loss!

Signs That Your Vitamin D Is Low

To ensure you get your daily dose you can add egg yolks and fatty fish like salmon or tuna, into your diet.


This brings us to calcium, the most important nutrient for healthy bones. In addition to that, it keeps our muscles functioning well, and ensures our blood clots when there is an open wound.

Some fantastic sources of calcium are milk, cheese, broccoli, and other dark leafed vegetables.

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This one is incredibly important for regulating the different functions of your body. It works to balance nerves, blood sugar, muscle function, and blood pressure. It also assists in the processing of protein and DNA.

10 Natural Sources Of Magnesium

While brussel sprouts are great for magnesium intake, a more delicious way to get some into your system is through fruits! Get your hands on some raspberries, bananas, avocados, and figs (injeer)!

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Vitamin A

When they say we need carrots for good vision, they aren’t kidding! Vitamin A helps maintain good vision, a strong immune system and healthy reproduction. It’s also an important vitamin to ensure your organs continue to work smoothly.

If you don’t like carrots, you can cook up some lamb or beef liver. Or take some cod liver oil on a regular basis!

Folic Acid

Beyond essential, folic acid is vital for proper production and function of red blood cells. A deficiency can cause a drop in enough oxygen being carried to all parts of your body, resulting in anemia.

So chomp down some citrusy fruits and order in some pasta. If you’re not in the mood, you can alternate with a bread basket or some fried rice, and have a good time fulfilling your body’s needs.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are not given enough credit, but they are absolutely essential for metabolism and energy. They play a major role in converting nutrients into energy. Not to forget, they are great for your skin and adrenal function.

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Lean meats, beans/legumes and whole grains are high in Vitamin B. Haleem would actually be a great option to have for high levels of this vitamin.


Did you know that zinc deficiency could be the reason behind stunted growth? Even recurring diarrhea could be for a lack of zinc. It gives us better immunity, better liver health and SO much more.

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The best foods to have for Zinc are: Yogurt and nuts/seeds.


Iron is directly related your hemoglobin, which ensures that oxygen is transferred from your lungs to your tissues. Low levels of iron means you can be classified as anemic.

Beans and spinach are great sources of iron.

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