The Best Vitamins for Hair Growth


Our hair tell a lot about our health and apparently our beauty. Well in both cases keeping hair up to the mark and full of life and healthy is as important as anything. There are several Vitamins needed by your hair to have a healthy look, and if your hair does not receive the required vitamins, you are most likely to experience hair fall or may be hair loss. Here is how you can grow healthy hair by adding vitamin rich foods.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A for Hair Growth

Vitamin A is the most demanded vitamin; it is needed by our entire body. In helps produce several minerals that are important for the scalp and keeps hair healthy. Everything should be in a specific quantity; overdose can be harmful. There are several foods which have Vitamin A such as, carrots, spinach, milk, eggs and cod liver oil. These sources of Vitamin A will help get the required amount to keep your hair healthy and give it that fresh look and shine.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B for Hair Growth

Vitamin B is required to make several other minerals that help in the functions of our body. It can be helpful in producing red blood cells as well. It helps fight against hair loss and is often an ingredient in treatments of hair loss. It can be found in several foods, almonds, all kinds of meat and fish and leafy greens. Vitamin B helps red blood cells carry oxygen and helps the scalp with hair growth.

Vitamin C

vitamin c for Hair Growth

Vitamin C is an antioxidant; it helps our hair by protecting against harmful bacteria. Vitamin C helps create minerals and other proteins that give the hair its structure. The best ways to get Vitamin C is to eat, strawberries, citrus fruits and also peppers. It is a necessary vitamin that helps give hair the look that they naturally have and gives it strength.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D for Hair Growth

Vitamin D enables our scalp to grow more hair besides the existing bunch. It helps hair in several ways. In our country many people suffer a lack of Vitamin D as it gives our bones strength the same way it helps our hair. It can be found in, fish, cod liver oil and the best source of vitamin D is the sun. Our body needs Vitamin D and so does our hair to stay strong and reduce overall hair loss.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E for Hair Growth

Lastly we have Vitamin E, almost similar to vitamin C. It also has a large amount of antioxidants. It can help prevent hair loss and keep our scalp healthy. It can be found in, almonds, spinach and other vitamin E rich foods. Vitamin E helps boost hair health and hair growth.

These vitamins can help keep our hair healthy and make them look beautiful and shiny.

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