Why Add Thyme into Your Diet?


Thyme belongs to the mint family and has been used because of its healing properties over the years. Thyme is used all around the world for culinary uses; however, people these days are unaware of its health benefits. Thyme is used as herb in Pakistani cuisine. It has this unique aroma which makes it so special, especially when used in chutneys.

Apart from the culinary uses, thyme has always been popular herb in the medical industry and is used to treat many medical problems. Let’s read more about thyme benefits and why you should add thyme into your diet.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is very common amongst people above 26 in Pakistan. It is due to the stress and unhealthy diet that we have become used to, anyway. Salt is poison for you if you have issues lowering your blood pressure; however, it is very important for your body. Thyme is a very good substitute for salt and it also helps lower your cholesterol.

2. Thyme for Cough

Cough can get stubborn. It can stay for a month even after courses of antibiotics and what not. You always end up doing desi totkas, because everything else fails to work. Thyme essential oil is used as a cough remedy and also as a treatment for acute bronchitis.

Thyme for Cough

3. Disinfection

Mold is a very dangerous air pollutant. It can lead to several fungal diseases which are hard to cure and may take a long time. Thyme oil has fungicidal properties and thus, can be used to disinfect dwellings where there is a little mold.

4. Getting Rid of Pests

You want a mosquito repellant that does not burn your nose with its smell? Rub a few thyme leaves between your palms and rub the extract all over your naked skin. You can also add a few drops of thyme extract in olive oil and use that as a mosquito repellant.

5. Boost Your Mood with Thyme

Ever wondered how you got from being the sort of a person who wondered what mood swings are to the point where all you want from life is absence of this horrible hormonal change? You just grew up and that’s absolutely fine, but you can opt for things that may reduce such hormonal imbalances and boost your mood. Thyme essential oil has carvacrol, because of which it is used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes. Using it regularly can really bring about a positive change in your mood.

Thyme Boost Immunity

6. Thyme Boost Immunity

If you get sick frequently, don’t blame the weather but your intake of unhealthy foods that deprive you of all the essential nutrients that your body requires. Your body needs vitamins and minerals for good immunity and safe functions. Thyme is very rich source of vitamin C and A which boost your immunity, so you should totally consider adding it to your meals. It also has copper, manganese, iron and lots of fiber which boosts good digestion.

7. Diuretic

People who suffer from excessive accumulation of water in the body usually have renal issues. Thyme helps in getting rid of extra water and all the toxins in our body. You may have to run to the bathroom more than usual, but why not, if it helps you lose weight and improves your digestion.

8. Thyme for Immune System

Your body when under stress causes high blood pressure and neurological problems. Thyme essential oil tones up the circulatory, nervous and digestive systems. It fights all the issues while boosting the immune system of the body More Diet Tips.

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