7 Foods to Eat for a Healthy Kidney and Bladder Function


The kidneys are important organs of the human body. They clean your blood, take care of your blood pressure by producing hormones, and excrete the harmful substances from your body. Your kidneys cleanse nearly 200 quarts of blood every day to produce urine. These reasons are pretty much enough to convince a person to take good care of their kidneys.

When the kidneys do their job, a process known as ‘oxidation’ takes place. This process is normal. However, it can cause the formation of harmful substances called ‘free radicals’.  Free radicals are unsteady atoms that skip uncontrollably around inside your body, harming proteins, genes and cells. These free radicals are identified with ageing and numerous diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

The key is to keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water to keep your kidneys functioning. However there are other steps to take in order to regulate your kidney function.

The good news is that there are foods gifted to us by nature that can help with regulating the kidney function. These foods readily available at the market and often found in your pantry so make good use of them and keep yourself and your family healthy.


Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable that is loaded with phytochemicals, which are compounds found in specific fruits and vegetables. These phytochemicals function to break free radicals. They are also anti-cancer and regulate cardiovascular health.

Cabbage is high in Vitamin K and C which are important for bone growth. Vitamin C boosts immunity and helps fight bacterial infections.

You can add cabbage in your diet in the form of delicious coleslaw. Add it in your daily dose of salad, and make it a part of your sandwiches and soup.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain anti inflammatory properties and prevent scar tissue formation, according to a study in the April 2011 issue of the journal “PLoS One.” Citrus fruits are particularly high in pectin, which contains compounds that have been shown to provide diverse health benefits for the kidneys. As per the experiments carried out on animals, drinking water with citrus pectin protected the animals from kidney injury. Hence proved citrus pectin when used for a long term treatment can be useful nutrient to prevent kidney injury.

Replace your soft drinks with lemonade ASAP. Instead of buying boxed juices take out fresh orange juice or make lemonade at home. Grab a grape fruit and have some while watching TV. Make it a part of your daily routine to have some healthy citrus.

Alkaline foods

Although citrus and acidic foods are beneficial for your kidneys, they are not too great for your bladder. You need to keep an acid-base balance in your body to have healthy organs. The foods that are good for your bladder are asparagus, avocado, broccoli, leafy greens like spinach, mathi and squash. Snack on almonds and use spices such as basil, garlic, oregano (ajwain) and thyme.


Pakistanis are blessed with natural love for garlic. We add garlic in all our foods, whether it’s a cooked biryani or an uncooked chatni/sauce. Garlic has amazing antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Diuretic Foods

Chemicals which essentially cause the formation of urine by the kidney are called ‘Diuretics.’ All foods that are diuretic cause a person to ‘lose water,’ which in some instances is a good thing. “This loss of water increases the amount of urine, and hence helps cleanse the bladder and urethra (the tube that carries urine out of the bladder)”, says Phyllis Balch, author of the book “Prescription for Natural Healing.”

Diuretic foods include watermelon, fennel seeds (saunf), oregano (ajwain), celery, eggplant (baingan). They are kidney and bladder cleansing foods.


Who doesn’t love the good old apple? They are high in fiber, which helps prevent or minimize constipation. Apples have properties to reduce inflammation, reduce cholesterol, protect against heart disease, and also kill those pesky free radicals.

Apples are a good source of Iron and many vitamins. For those with renal conditions, eat them raw or cooked. You can even drink apple juice or apple cider to get their health benefits. Apple cider vinegar should be your staple. It has numerous benefits. Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider in a glass or water, and drink it every day before breakfast.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a blessing to mankind. It contains components such as: oleic acid. Oleic acid is anti inflammatory fatty acid with anti-oxidation properties, and polyphenols that’s also prevent oxidation and inflammation. Use extra virgin olive oil for more antioxidants.

With all these foods on the list you could make yourself a big bowl of salad with good olive oil and citrus dressing and eat away your kidney problems. It isn’t so hard. Add these foods to your checklist for healthy kidney and bladder function Prevention is always better than cure, make these healthy foods a part of your daily lives.

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