6 Foods for Kidney Health


Just like the heart, brain, lungs and liver, the kidney is also an essential organ of the body without which human survival is difficult. Fortunately, unlike the heart, liver, lung and brain, we have two kidneys. So, if one of them fails, the other is there to rescue the body. It is known that people with one kidney have many problems in their lives as they cannot exert their bodies in exercise.

Kidneys function to form urine and henceforth, regulate the body’s fluids. The main function lies in the excretion of urine- a metabolic waste product better outside the body than inside.

Foods for Kidney Health

Chronic kidney diseases are common and must be taken proper care of. Whether or not you have kidney disease, susceptibility may differ from one individual to another due to the part played by genetics. If your family has a long history of kidney disease or failure, it is best to take precautionary measures and avoid complication rather than waiting for the disease to intervene.

What other way than to naturally make the body stronger? Read further to find out which foods are kidney-friendly and make sure to add them to your diet.


Kidney friendly foods

Cabbage is crammed with phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are compounds which fight free radicals before they can cause harm to the body. Many phytochemicals also promote cardiovascular health and provide protection from several types of cancers.

High in vitamin B6, folate, vitamin K, C and fiber, cabbage is a worthy investment for your kidney. Low in cost and low in potassium- the vegetable is quite kidney-friendly, not to mention pocket-friendly too.

Cabbage is a great food for a dialysis diet. They make great additives in salads and as toppings for tacos as well.


kidney friendly foods

Yet another nutritious vegetable, cauliflower is absolutely great for the kidneys. Their high vitamin C, folate and fiber content have earned them the status. They are jam-packed with indoles, glucosinolates and thiocyanates-compounds that aid liver in neutralizing toxins and preventing any cell membrane and DNA damage.


Kidney friendly foods

Garlic is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It also helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Note that cooking garlic will not rid it of its anti-oxidant properties, and that is exactly what we want.

The protection against harmful and deteriorating effect of free radicals and easily battled by the antioxidant components of garlic making it a superfood for kidney health.

If you are a dialysis patient sick of the same old garlic salt, use garlic powder instead.


Kidney friendly foods

Not surprised, apple made it to the list, because an apple a day keeps a doctor away, duh. The high fiber and anti-inflammatory properties of apple protect the kidneys and other organs of the body including the heart. To consume apple’s health benefits, have fresh apple juice every day or eat a raw apple.

Egg whites

Kidney friendly foods

Were you aware that egg whites are all proteins? Another note-worthy fact if you’re on a kidney diet is that egg whites are low in phosphorus. Make a sandwich out of the egg whites or boil the eggs and consume the white part.


Kidney friendly foods

Fish is another storehouse of protein. It is highly recommended to include fish in your meal plan at least twice a week. Besides protein, fish makes a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory fats thus making great foods for chronic kidney disease. They are also great for the heart because they lower the bad cholesterol LDL and elevate the good cholesterol HDL.

Kidneys are integral for normal body function. It is therefore of utmost importance to make sure that they are as healthy as possible.


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