10 Health Benefits of Fennel Tea!


Fennel Tea has been considered to possess amazing medicinal properties and over the years many people have been using this herb in their cooking as well. Many of the ailments we suffer after eating a very heavy meal such as indigestion or bloating, fennel tea has been used to cure the gastric issues. Aside from its medicinal properties it is also useful in social meetings as it reduces the odor from our breath and also takes care of our belching. Its properties have also helped many women to increase breast milk after pregnancy. In Asia it is often used to cure for various allergies and insect bites.

1. Indigestion

One of the most common uses of fennel tea is to drink it to reduce indigestion. Just a single cup will help you feel a lot better and will ease the burning sensation in the chest.

2. Female Health

Fennel Tea contains oils that contain mild amounts of estrogen, often they are used in Chinese medicine to cure hormonal problems in females. Fennel itself is very good for women. It also helps with the production of breastmilk in women. The greatest health care tips and benefit of fennel tea is relieving women of several pains that may be unavoidable during that time of the month.

3. Fennel Tea Improves Digestion

Often when we suffer from indigestion, stomach cramps or even hiccups, fennel tea is the touted drink to cure all that. Its aroma and other properties help during diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome. Rest assured any stomach problems can be healed with fennel tea.

Fennel Tea Improves Digestion

4. Parasite Killer

Fennel tea is a great anti-parasite drink. It helps get rid of the worms and several bacteria that can harm your body.

5. Blood Cleaning

This herbal drink helps protect our vital organs such as our liver and, enables us to fight several bacteria and diseases that may cause jaundice. It improves the functionality of kidneys and other organs and prevents kidney stones from being formed.

6. Fennel Tea for Weight Loss

Fennel tea may also help with weight loss. It increases the metabolism, so that you burn fat quickly. It also prevents water from retaining in your body.

7. Immune System

Fennel tea enables you to have a better and stronger immune system. It helps prevent symptoms of common cold and helps fight against the bacteria in our body. The tea itself helps reduce the levels of fever and helps with several respiratory illnesses. By making the immune system stronger, it helps the body heal quickly and prevents any serious illnesses.

Fennel Tea Immune System

8. Eye Health

Sometimes we feel like staying up all night and the next morning our eyes are watery, swollen or sore. Fennel tea helps reduce the swelling. Drinking fennel tea helps our eyes feel refreshed and, as an added bonus it helps fight of the bacteria that causes eye infections.

9. Strengthen Heart with Fennel Tea

Fennel tea contains many vitamins that can help manage the health of our heart. The antioxidants and vitamins present in the tea help cleanse the heart and reduce bad cholesterol, and thus help reduce chances of suffering from various heart illnesses.

10. Respiratory Issues

Fennel tea also helps treat respiratory problems that can occur from asthma to other respiratory illnesses. Fennel contains such properties that it can treat problems such as High Blood Pressure and other respiratory illnesses.

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