Woes of Mommyhood! Here’s Why Your Baby Cries At Night


If you’re a sleep deprived mommy with a baby crying all night long, we totally understand the struggle. There are multiple reasons why babies cry at night. At such an early developmental stage, it is their primary means of expression and communication. They could be trying to convey a variety of emotions ranging from fear to hunger to pain. It would be smart to understand some of the most common reasons why your young one cries at night.

  1. Top of the list would have to be crying, because they’re hungry. In fact, that’s the first thing that should come to mind. We would even recommend that you learn to watch out for other signs that your baby is hungry, in order to pre-empt the cry session later on in the night. If you see your infant putting their hand in their mouth, smacking their lips, or rooting (a reflex in which they turn their head to face you when you touch their cheek) then that is a pretty fool-proof way of telling that the kid is hungry!
  2. If your baby cries after feeding, it’s quite possible that they have a colic. If they cry inconsolably for at least three hours, three days a week, for three weeks then it might be time to hit up pediatrician and discuss colic. Stomach pain could also be attributed to intestinal obstruction, lactose intolerance, milk allergy and reflux. All the more reason to see professional help.
  3. When babies take in milk, they tend to take in a few mouthfuls of air as well. This can cause discomfort and pain, and calls for a huge burp. Often if a baby is crying after being fed, all he or she needs is to be patted on the back until he or she belches out the air that’s bothering them.
  4. Often, it’s as simple as a dirty diaper that’s bothering your baby. It’s easy enough to check that one out.
  5. One would think that if a baby was tired, they would just nod off to sleep on their own. Not so. Often they make a big fuss and wail if they’re over tired, in which case you simply need to hold them, coo to them and let them relax until they dose off.
  6. As cute as this sounds, sometimes babies just want to be held and given attention by their parents. They want the attention of the people who brought them into this world. People often think that they’re spoiling their children if they give them too much attention in the first few months, but that just isn’t true.
  7. It’s possible that your baby is too cold which is why they try and grab your attention so that you do something about it. Perhaps it’s because you took off their blanket to change them, or because you were trying to bathe them with water that was just too chilly.
  8. Babies start teething from four to seven months. This could give rise to pain due to the sharp teeth pushing through the soft gums. If you suspect this is the case, insert your hand in the baby’s mouth and see if you can feel the tooth buds coming out.
  9. Perhaps your baby simply has a flu or isn’t feeling well. This type of crying often stands out from crying out of hunger or any other normal cause, so be sure to take the child to see a pediatrician.
  10. Doctors refer to a hair tourniquet as when a hair is wrapped around a finger, or even the baby boy’s penis, cutting off circulation. This can be painful and distressing.
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