Signs And Symptoms Of Miscarriage


Miscarriages are more common than one would think. Almost 25% (possibly more that go undocumented) of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage, out of which 80% will happen in the first trimester.

One important thing to note is that a miscarriage is not something you can entirely control, it is mostly due to genetic abnormality in the embryo

Read about the most common causes of a miscarriage here.

How does one know that they are miscarrying or have miscarried?

Here are some signs and symptoms you can look out for:

Vaginal bleeding: If it is very early on in the pregnancy, you may even confuse this with your regular period. The bleeding can vary in amount, from spotting to continuous bleeding ranging between 1-5 days. However, not all bleeding means you are miscarrying. Do check with your doctor.

Period-like cramps: This could be due to your body trying to expel any pregnancy tissue in your system.

Lower back pain

Blood clots or a pink mucus discharge from your vagina

Loss of pregnancy symptoms like nausea: If you seem to suddenly lose the symptoms of pregnancy that you have been experiencing, it may be a sign of miscarriage.

Tips for a safe pregnancy after experiencing a miscarriage

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to visit your doctor right away. However, do keep in mind that once a miscarriage is underway, it is highly unlikely to be stopped. The appropriate care must be taken post-miscarriage to ensure that the mother recovers well.

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