This Friendship Day, tell your friends what they mean to you!


“Psychologists say that if a friendship lasts longer than seven years, it is bound to be forever.”

Considering my own bond with my best friends, I truly believe this to be true. A friendship can be defined in several ways by different types that exist. Some are mere acquaintances, whereas others are good companions – and then there are those who stick with you through thick and thin.

For me, any friendship is a connection between two people. However, the depth and level of connection those two people have with each other varies in defining the word friendship.

As we grow up, we watch cartoons or read stories that show the close bond two or more people can have. For those who do not or did not have friends when they were young, they make imaginary friends. Even old age people can be seen socializing with friends they’ve had for long. That’s how important friendship is no matter what age or stage you stand in life.

They also have a strong impact on your health and well-being as a person. It is not entirely easy to find good friends in the world we live in, let alone maintain certain friendship with our hectic lives. It is important to understand the significance of friendships in our lives and how you can develop and even nurture the bond between your friends.

Friends can be there to celebrate with you in your good times, and support you during the darker days. They have the power to pick you up when you’re feeling lonely, and increase your acceptance of belonging and existence. Good friends boost your happiness and reduce your stress by distracting you or advising you when you need it. They can say things to make you feel on top of the world and improve your self-confidence and self-worth, and at the same time help you cope with any trauma or obstacle you face side by side.

Whether you want to lose some weight or help you quit a bad habit such as smoking, friends can be our source of encouragement or motivation.

I remember a night when I was at my best friend’s place and we were having a sleepover. She was going through a break-up, and during our conversation she started to cry. Because of the bond we have and the many years of friendship we’ve shared, I empathized with her that moment so closely that I too began to sob.

These are moments that make friendships real and authentic. They help you to let go of your loneliness within and give you an elevated feeling that someone out there is looking out for you.

These days, the younger generation believe the more friends you have on Facebook or other social media, the better. This creates an invalid form of friendship, as they look for a source of validation in sharing their accomplishments or look to these people to uplift them.

Where you may feel popular and surrounded by a huge crowd, one can feel very lonely and imbalanced. Thus, it is important to know who your real friends are.

It is the quality that matters when it comes to friendships. Not the quantity.

People can get through the worst of traumas – debt, divorce, a beloved’s death and even illnesses like depression – by having friends that are there for them and can make them feel better.

It’s not necessary to be in love to find a soul-mate. The best ones come in the form of friends and I am blessed to have mine. Friendship Day is two days away. Plan that day with your best friends and make them feel special.

Happy Friendship Day!

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