Types of Female Friends We All Have


Some friends are for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime. But every friend is unique and special in their own way, especially girlfriends and you probably know this if you are a part of a girl squad. Here are the types of girlfriends we all have in our squad.

The Big Sister

She protects you like you’re a little child. She can handle everything from being a fighter for us to handling us during our rough times. This one friend makes sure that we’re always happy.

The Cry Baby

This girl can cry about anything. They only have to talk about how life is unfair and their waterwork will start. They can cry about past relationships, or even while looking at a picture of a cute baby.

The One Who Has Everything In Her Purse

From tampons to mascara and even snacks. This one friend is truly a blessing for us. You know you don’t have to carry anything if she’s with you.

The Hot Friend

She always has someone who’s falling for her and she always seems non-interested. She looks the best on every occasion, even if that occasion is yours, she will steal the limelight like a queen.

Logical/Rational One

She is someone who is best at making logical decisions and you know that she is the one person you call when you need advice related to career, relationships, life, etc. In short, she is the savior.

Gossip Queen

There’s this one girl who knows everything about everyone. She knows it all and to be honest we all enjoy little gossip here and then.


How can we forget the one friend who has the best collection of clothes, makeup, and accessories? Everyone in the group asks for her advice on clothing and fashion.


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